Therapi Honey Skincare

Therapi Blog Image We welcome any beauty product that contains honey with open arms here at The Amazing Blog, so you can imagine our excitement when we came across the Therapi Honey Skincare range at Camexpo recently. Everything about the brand was inviting, the name, the packaging and the lovely team behind it.

The product design and packaging has a very luxurious look, with a beautiful, stylish blend of rose, white and a shimmering gold. The bottles and containers are just as elegant, and we would proudly display them in our bathroom for guests to see. Tanya Hawkes, the founder of Therapi, was a beekeeper for 25 years prior to creating this company, and learnt everything there was to know about the way honey can help skin imperfections. The Therapi team spent three years researching and developing the products, ensuring the healing, nourishing and moisturising properties were the best that they could be.

With a little help from the girls at Therapi Honey Skincare, I chose some things from the range which would be the most beneficial to my skin type. Tanya recommended the Ultra Radiance Cream, which has enriching benefits as it is filled with anti-oxidants and nutrients, ensuring skin looks radiant and beautiful. Something that stands out about this brand is how rich in smell and texture all their products are. This is especially true for the Radiance Cream. I found this cream perfect for night time use, and I could feel it working on my skin from the get go. It was a relief to wake up with moisturised skin, almost as if I’d had a facial whilst sleeping!

I will definitely be using Therapi in my daily routine from now on. The Hydrating Facial Toner was great too, I used this after my shower and it left my skin looking really refreshed and like the Ultra Radiance Cream, the Toner had a wonderful fragrance.

If you want to browse the range and get your hands on some of these brilliant, honey filled goodies then you can find them on the Therapi website. The Radiance Cream retails for £30, and the Toner is £25.