Samphire Perfume - Laboratory Perfumes

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As Christmas approaches, we are constantly on the look out for great presents to spoil our friends and family. One thing that never fails to go down a treat with all  of us at  The Amazing Blog is perfume. And this new unisex Eau de Toilette Samphire by Laboratory Perfumes has all the qualities needed to make it the ideal hit present.

This fragrance is beautifully simple  with a cologne-like lift making it versatile enough for an early morning spritz to set you up for the day, or for a reviving the senses after a long day. This classic scent we think will suit both the tastes of men and women. Samphire itself is a wild plant grown on the British coastline and  used as an ingredient in edible produce and beauty. In fact, many other flora and fauna have been collected from around the British isles are also blended into this magical bottle  - including the unique combination of  Samphire, fresh Juniper berries, Citrus Oil and Rosemary. We think that it stimulates the senses almost as  if you close your eyes and imagine yourself being surrounded by a rugged shoreline with the sound of gently rolling waves on an ever so slightly blustery day...

Christoper Perry is the genius perfumer behind this and his other creations at Laboratory Perfumes. He has an inspirational passion for fragrance and has developed this as well as two other beautiful and highly original fragrances Gorse and Amber all of which take the wearer on an evolutionary journey. If you haven't already guessed, we have 'ever so slightly' fallen in love with the whole Laboratory Perfume range. Samphire  is their third fragrance whichlaunched earlier in 2013  and has since become one of  The Amazing Blog favorites. Like its big siblings, it's also available in either as Eau de Toilette or as a candle so you can get the same beautiful Samphire fragrance for you or to share in the home.

The chic, minimal packaging hints at its chemistry-set roots while the scent is clean, natural and highly addictive. It's very English, smart and sophisticated. The unisex qualities make it a great asset to the bathroom shelf and it sits in a distinguished, clear glass bottle to add a touch of class to any room. If you want to add one of these to your present collection, or just fancy treating yourself, then have a look at the collection on the website, this particular scent is £48 for 100Ml.