Cities at Dawn by Anthony Epes

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The Amazing Blog team is based in London, but luckily our working hours are pretty normal which means we don’t venture out at dawn that often. We have however, just been introduced to the splendid sight of London at Dawn by photographer Anthony Epes and we're now planning on paying more attention to this beautiful time of day.  He also photographs Paris, and consequently created the book Paris at Dawn, both filled with stunning and surprisingly emotional images.

Paris at Dawn is filled with exquisite photographs, some of which are quite moving as they show the city as if it were still asleep itself, just like most of us are at dawn. It’s very still and there are hues that we aren't exposed to on an average day so these photos allow you time to appreciate it. I love seeing Paris at this peaceful time, there’s no human disturbances like traffic or loud children, it’s literally just land before we make our mark and I find that very tranquil to see. Each image does just what brilliant photography should do, it tells a story or presents us with a journey. I feel like it makes you consider how everything in the image got there. If there is an old man sat outside his little shop then you take the time to think about him and why he sits outside at this time of day.

The London at Dawn book is just as intriguing, and may be more interesting for some of you as you can really compare it to the way you see London every single day. The photos are simple, with some beautiful, vibrant colours. For me, flicking through this book gives me the same kind of secret satisfaction as when you can see through a home window at night time and they have their lights on, it provokes a sense of curiosity in you. You will find yourself amazed at how involved you can become in these photos and seeing somewhere you think you know so well, from a wholly different perspective.

It doesn’t stop at these lovely books either. Between the 18th and 29th of November there is an exhibit of the project, and this takes place at The Gallery & Café, Foyles Bookshop, 113-119 Charing Cross, London, WC2H 0EB. The books are available to buy here  and at Foyles Bookshops.