You Aren't What You Eat: Fed Up With Gastroculture - Steven Poole

Blog image_edited-1At The Amazing Blog HQ we live for cooking books. We are just amazed by the way the steps of a recipe are presented to us: quite performance-like. Give us books on sandwiches, on how to cook the perfect hot dog, on the now in vogue raw food, on cheesecakes… the titles and subjects seem to be endless; and if you ask us, if it’s wrapped and signed by a celebrity chef, even better. Marketing suckers? Check. The world seems to be obsessed by food, where it comes from, where to buy it, how to cook it –and most weirdly of all– how to eat it. Our local supermarkets' aisles are also full chef-owned brands offering us easy and balanced ready-made meals; all so we get that 'this tasted sophisticated and expensive' kind of feeling after eating it...

In 'You Aren't What You Eat', Steven Poole writes about this overwhelming ‘food era’ we’re living in where “food bibles” tell you what you have to eat and some nutritionists also claim that having a good diet can even beat cancer. Poole stands back and looks at this scenario with clever humour and criticism; and it's quite eye opening.

Although we really do care about what we eat and try to do so as healthily as possible; we sometimes find it hard to put our feet on the ground and simply enjoy the pleasure of eating. So frankly let’s all be less snobbish about it and go back to basics!

You can purchase Steven Poole’s ‘You Aren’t What You Eat’ from Amazon.