Friday Favourites - Perfumes

According to some psychologists, the way we smell can alter how attractive we are to the opposite sex, so obviously upon learning this, The Amazing Blog girls decided to test a bunch of perfumes and create a list of some our favourites. A few of our top picks come from Yves Rocher, L’Artisan, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Grasse, Penhaligon, and VZ Hair and Glamour (a slimming perfume!). Yves_Rocher_secrets_essences_neroli

The Yves Rocher Neroli Secrets D’Essences is simply gorgeous. It’s filled with botanical-based ingredients and oozes an orange scent. This fruity fragrance has a lot of personality and is a fun perfume to wear during the day to attract some attention. It’s a good choice if you’re stuck for present ideas this Christmas as it's very aesthetically pleasing. We love long lasting fragrances here at The Amazing Blog and that’s exactly what we get from Yves Rocher. The bottle base is glass and paired with a thick plastic lid, both of which are clear, giving an overall elegant design which looks lovely no matter where it sits in your house. We are drawn to the shape, it’s comfortable to hold and the lid is easy to remove. The bottle also has an added size benefit, perfect for both handbag use and bathroom. Brilliant! It’s only £20 on offer at the moment and can be found on their website.

LA_CHASSE_AUX_PAPILLONS_SIDE_OPENWe have tried LArtisan perfumes before and you can read about it here. We have been impressed before and still are as they have fallen into our perfume favourites again with the La Chasse aux Papillons Giftset. The beautiful packaging is enough to make you want it anyway, you might not even need to look at the perfume. The smell reminds us of a flower garden as you are bombarded with an infusion of wonderful, exotic smells to consume. It is strong so would make a great evening perfume if you are heading out. With a sweet name like ‘Chase the butterflies’ it’s hard not to adore this fragrance. You can purchase this set for £65 on here.img_9f86a14dde4174c2c1bea7e3850275e9We also had a little experiment with three perfumes by Rouge Bunny Rouge. These have a unique smell which may be not be of interest to everyone as they do not follow traditional flowery smelling perfume guidelines. Each has a spicy aroma infused in it. The Embers scent smelt to me like cinnamon, which is an interesting one to have on the skin, making them exciting presents this Christmas if you have friends and family who like more quirky items. Being unisex sets them aside from lots of other perfumes and just brings out a little individuality and edginess.  There is also Cynefin and Silvan which are herbier, with a blend of lavender. The three scents make up the Provenance Tales collection and are each £110.09, and found on their personal webpage.

small grasee 2

The Grasse Au Parfum ‘Sexy Party’ is another popular one with us, apart from the name which we were a little unsure about. The bottle itself is really lovely and ideally sized to have for travelling if you want. The clear bottle and black pump work well together and give the fragrance a simple yet classy feel. The smell is very fresh and youthful and offers a French countryside ambience with with its unfamiliar but charming array of smells. It’s a great daytime perfume as it lasts and isn’t too overbearing. They ship to the UK so have a browse here.

Iris Prima

The Penhaligon Iris Prima perfume is possibly one to appeal more to an adult population. Although we don’t think this scent would be popular with teens, it’s definitely one for audiences with a more sophisticated taste in perfumes. Created by master perfumer, Alberto Morillas, you’d expect a brilliantly elegant perfume like this. The blend is inspired by ballet and you feel this through the pretty and simple charm the scent gives off. It does come with quite a heavy price tag, which again suggests it’s probably more appealing to adults but will be one that lasts as stronger perfumes don’t need as much application. Its £85 for 50ml and £120 for 100ml and you can purchase this on their website.

Diet Slimming Perfume Image2

VZ Hair and Glamour has an interesting perfume especially designed to reduce and eventually prevent snacking and ultimately lose weight! We were instructed to apply the perfume on our wrists and inhale the scent for 5 minutes before every meal and whenever we got the urge to snack. This application can be repeated up to 5 times a day. It smells very strongly of citrus scents and if anything made us think of eating oranges rather than junk food. The jury is still out on whether or not this product will really work in the long run, but for its modest price, it is certainly worth a try if you are desperate to quit snacking. To get your hands on your own bottle of Diet Slimming Perfume then visit the VZ Hair and Glamour website where you can purchase the perfume for £22.99 for an 8ml bottle.


If you are on the move a lot, then get hold of a Travalo to make them easy to travel with. You can dispense some perfume into these little containers and keep them with you without having to lug anything heavy around. They are comfy to hold and spray easily, just what you need in your handbag.