Cook Like A Man

NEW cook like a man blogMovember has officially passed its halfway point so if you were wondering why lots of men have considerably large amounts of facial hair at the moment, it’s all to raise awareness for men’s health.  In fact, I am growing my own moustache and beard this month, much to the delight of the girls in the office. As a tribute to this creative, money-raising month, The Amazing Blog has a very male orientated book to introduce you to, the Cook Like a Man recipe book published by Boxtree for £9.99.

This book is inspired by everything traditional, i.e by a time when microwaves didn’t exist. Yes, believe it or not we loved cooking our meals from scratch using real hearty ingredients, none of that preservative malarkey. Entirely natural produce, you grow it you cook it. Cook Like a Man emphasises the importance of what’s in your diet and all the meals are specifically tailored to make sure you are getting everything you need from you meal to better your health. Something that sets this book ahead from your average cookbook is the list of essential tools as you start the book. Seeing as it includes a Blow Torch and Meat Thermometer, it’s pretty telling that a group of very serious, food loving men wrote this book.

If you are looking to become more adventurous with your cooking then this book will be perfect for you, it’s also a great Christmas present if you're stuck for ideas. With recipes like Rabbit with Snails and Chocolate, or Pigeon Terrine, you have to be quite brave but if you’re up for getting stuck in then you will definitely expose your taste buds to a whole new flavour filled experience. For those of you who really want to go back to basics and cook from scratch then a slight advantage would be living in the countryside. The photography throughout the book is done brilliantly and incorporates some subtle male humour, giving it a bit of personality. Everything in this book is done well, from the layout to the serving suggestions. We are excited to try the variety of recipes, especially at Christmas when big family meals become a regular occurrence and we want to impress with beautiful cuisine.

To support Movember and get your imagination flaring in the kitchen, then you can purchase this book on Amazon.