The Pro Hygiene Company

BLOG IMAGE In this chilly weather there are lots of germs flying around and more of us are getting the flu. Therefore, cleanliness is important for The Amazing Blog and one way we love to keep on top of this is with the Pro Hygiene Collection. They have covered all of our ‘high-maintenance’ hygiene needs, with a Hand Sanitizing Gel, Make-up Spray and Make-up Brush Cleaner, there’s no need to spread germs if you just take a little extra care in your daily routine.

The Make-up Spray and Brush Cleaner are quietly important, and should be incorporated into our week to avoid spreading dirt from our brushes to our skin.

We all know that bacteria cover our brushes, but most of us probably didn’t know that our actual makeup suffers from residue build up too. There are certain undesirable side effects which come with not washing your brushes, but the Makeup Brush Cleaner works on natural and synthetic brushes to remove product residue, oils and pigments (yes, I was oblivious to these too). It doesn’t have that unpleasant chemical smell which comes with lots of anti-bacterial products, just a lingering lemony aroma.

When we came across the Make-up Spray, we were a intrigued as it’s not something you see everyday, and don’t necessarily know you need. Powders, Lipsticks, Pencils, you name it, it’ll clean it. So pair this with the brush cleaner and you will be bacteria free (well, almost) in no time! Say farewell to the woes of bad skin caused by nasty build ups on your brushes and products. Once you introduce yourself to these products, you will always want to keep your make-up clean. Both of them are  perfect if you share make-up with friends a lot.

The make-up cleaners are both fabulous, but a Hand Sanitizing Gel will always be my hero product, it’s a bit of a personal OCD thing but should be important to everyone. I have plenty of sanitizers in my handbag which are perfectly compact for just that, being in my bag. Desk-sized hand sanitizers though, are a different story. That was until I first used the Pro Hygiene Collection Gel. Now I am genuinely using it every thirty minutes in the office, and I’m pretty sure any bacteria will now be quietly drowning in this lovely cleaning gel. Lots of things are passed around the office on a daily basis and you never know what germs are clingy on to these, so the sanitizer just clarifies that you’re not spreading any potential illnesses.  As a light product, it effortlessly glides across your hands and wrists and best of all, it doesn’t leave any sticky gel behind to have to deal with. It’s ideal.

If you would like to invest in this wonderful collection then have a look on Feel Unique or the Pro Make-up shop. The prices range but stay affordable, the Hand Sanitizer is £5.50, the Makeup Spray is £15 and the Make-up Brush Cleaner is £9.