The Brownie Box - NEW Bronuts

blog image monday What’s the most delicious cake or pudding that you can think of? Maybe a Donut? Or a Brownie? How about both combined to make just the tastiest morsel that you've ever eaten. We proudly introduce to you the Bronut. There would be no truth involved if I said The Amazing Blog girls elegantly ate these at a sensible pace when they arrived in the office. What actually happened I'm afraid wasn’t ladylike at all. They (and I!) all lunged into the delivery box face first and completely forgot our manners...Hot or cold, a half or a whole, they will make your day much more enjoyable. We didn’t even feel guilty after eating them (yes we had about 3 each) because they were so good we forgot what calories were and just enjoyed the indulgent moment, the chocolate must have gone straight to our heads. If you have them hot then you will find melting chocolate throughout the sponge, which compliments the sugary coating which tops the Bronut. We cannot recommend these Bronuts highly enough not even a crumb was left in the box.

We were also welcomed with their Brownies, and the fact that we still managed to eat a few of these too just shows how delicious they all were. They are surprisingly easy to eat and weren’t at all heavy, which is why we had space for more than one... Something we don’t like with desserts is when they are so rich and dense, making you full after one bite. These are more light and airy, making them much better as a pud. The Brownie Box Brownies are inexplicably good too. The texture falls between a cake and a cookie, giving it just the right amount of chew to make a delectable brownie. The mixtures contain nuts, frosting, whipped cream and chocolate chips. If that sounds a little too naughty for you, then a brown sugar and chocolate free version called the ‘Blondie’ might be more appetising.

This family run business has a passion for desserts and making them exactly how we Brits love them. Everyday presents a new variety of cakes, brownies, muffins, cupcakes and cookies. So grab a cup of coffee and a world famous Brownie or Bronut and get scoffing.You can find these chocolatey feasts at one of our very favourite local gastronomes with Brownie Box, starting at a very reasonable £1.80 in Earls Court, London.