SilDerm Scar Gel and Spray

Blog Image Amongst all the fun and enjoyment that comes from Christmas and the month’s festivities, it's always likely there will be some mishaps. These may be spilled food or unhappy children when they don’t get the presents they want. The Amazing Blog have been thinking with their sensible caps on, and thought it was best to recommend a solution for something just as common, scars. With all that cooking, there is bound to be the odd burn here and there. The Silderm Scar Spray and Gel diminish scars so they don’t have to stay with you forever.

The SilDerm Scar Gel and Spray both work by bonding together the outer layers of your skin to provide a protective barrier against chemical, physical and microbial contamination of the scar site. The stress on Christmas day is magnified by the rush mid-morning to get all the meat and the vegetables in and out the oven at the right time. It’s no surprise that a lot of people burn themselves during this hasty ordeal, so why not be prepared with these great medical products. They both dry quickly and don’t leave a layer on your skin, so you immediately forget that it's there doing its healing job.

These don’t have to be used for just cooking scars. They are helpful for scars on your face possibly caused by acne, or on your chest, hands, arms and legs. We know that scars can cause insecurities, which is why these two products are so good. It doesn’t matter if you burnt yourself a minute ago, or have scars that have been around for much longer, the spray and gel will help work to repair the skin. They are very soft to apply and don’t bother or irritate the skin. They're very trustworthy products developed by skincare professionals to repair and prevent scars. You should use the scar gel or spray until you start seeing improvements, even if this takes a bit of time you have to be patient with it.

The gel can be bought for £24.99 per 15g and the spray for £32.50. You don’t need much at all, making it the sort of product the whole family can use and it will still last a long time in the first aid kit or in your bathroom essentials cupboard. They can both be bought here.