TanOrganic Self Tanning

blog image Winter's here and at The Amazing Blog we feel like a bit of tanning is the perfect treat to cheer us up and the TanOrganic range is ideal. It’s the first eco-certified self tanning brand made from 95% certified organic ingredients. The TanOrganic range includes the Tanning OilTanOrganic Original, Oil Arganic and the Tan Erase.

This TanOrganic Tanning Oil works just as well as other self tans but without the chemicals. The natural and organic formula contains no synthetic ingredients, parabens, colours or fragrances. So this tanning brand is great for mature or sensitive skin as there are no harmful chemicals. It is an excellent facial and body tan with ultra moisturising ingredients which include a unique blend of plant oils such as Borage seed oil, Argan oil and Orange peel oil. The well-known ‘fake tan’ smell is not an issue as it smells amazing, we think a bit like a chocolate orange! Also not forgetting to mention that this Tanning Oil was voted the best Facial Tan in 2013 by RSVP Magazine.

The tanning range also has the TanOrganic Original which is their other tanning product. This tans main ingredient is Aloe Vera which makes it super moisturising and easy to apply; and when it’s used frequently you can be sure that your skin will never dry out, making it a great product for winter time. What I particularly like about this product is that it delivers a great colour with a gradual fade which never leaves you patchy or blotchy, perhaps due to its 84% Aloe Vera based hydrating formula. If like me, you have more sensitive skin then either of these tanning oils are a good alternative to some other high street mousse tanning products. To me they offer two products in one - a nourishing body oil and a gentle tanning formula - what more could you ask for?

The TanOrganic Oil Arganic  is multi use Dry Oil is a completely natural moisturising oil just right for using alongside the tan to help it wear evenly and prolong the glow of the tan. The oil can help with scars and stretch marks too. It has a wonderful citrus aroma, which is far more appealing than usual natural oil fragrances. A little goes a long way and with the 100ml bottle you can make sure it lasts for the whole summer. I particularly like how it quickly absorbs and leaves the skin feeling soft. Once it has been absorbed, the fragrance is gentle and not overpowering which is always important to me as some products give me an awful headache after use because they include too many chemical ingredients. TanOrganic suggest some beauty secrets on the back of the bottle like mixing with foundation to glide smoothly on skin, pouring into your bath or ruffling into your hair for a beach-swept look.

The TanOrganic Tan Eraser is for those who forget about the importance of a good tan remover, which happens to all of us once in a while...  The exfoliating mitt is quick and easy to use for pre and post tanning and it can be used both dry and wet. The coarse texture of the mitt is not too harsh for the skin so it will comfortably give you good exfoliation. You can find all the products on the website here. The Tanning Oil is priced at £24,99, the TanOrganic Original is £19.95, and the Oil Arganic is £24.99.