Arabelle Skin Sense

arabelle blog photo During these unusually wet winter months we at The Amazing Blog are always on the lookout for the next moisturising product to add into our skincare routine. In October last year at The Supply & Buy Show we have found a brand that seems to have ticked all our boxes - it is the rather fabulous Arabelle Skin Sense. Our two favourite products from this range are the Cardamom Noir Body Crème and the Blissfully Sensual Body Oil.  These both smell divine and we particularly like the way they are easily absorbed and make our skin stay hydrated for hours. They’re made from all natural ingredients and also come in two different sizes, a 300ml and a 20ml, so if you get addicted to using them (like we have) then they are the perfect sizes to keep one at home and one in the handbag. What more could you want?

The Blissfully Sensual Body Oil can be thought of as liquid silk; as it hydrates, moisturises and leaves skin feeling dewy and pampered. It has a great texture and can even be described as therapeutic when applying, especially after a hot bath or before bed. Applying before bed also ensures that you can wake up with silky smooth replenished skin. This is a big plus in our book, as during these cold winter months skin can often be quite dry and problematic. The essential oil blends in this oil are Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang ylang and many more. This combination will help to relieve tired skin and also promoting feelings of euphoria. The rich texture and smell are just so a perfect to help aid relaxation and really spoil your skin.

Like the oil, the Cardamom Noir Body Crème is a luxurious whipped product that leaves skin feeling pampered and silky smooth. It moisturises and hydrates without being greasy. Again it's great product to massage into the skin when wanting to unwind and relax those tense muscles. With all natural ingredients, including cocoa butter and shea butter which are both renowned for their moisturising and healing properties.  The other interesting ingredient is cinnamic acid, which can help protect the skin from UV rays. In addition, the Cardamom Noir Body Crème contains a number of essential oils, so provides the skin with a number of vitamins while also providing a protective layer, helping to retain moisture. If this doesn’t sound good enough, the hard coconut butter is not only excellent for dry and flaky skin, but also good for wrinkled, sagging & aging skin due to its emollient and powerful antioxidant properties. We particularly love the smell of it's spicy, sexy and woody fragrance - it's warming, comforting and deliciously aromatic.

Both the Blissfully Sensual Body Oil and the Cardamom Noir Body Crème come in glass tubs, meaning they look elegant and sophisticated and complement any glamorous bathroom. The oil is priced at £18.50 for 200ml and £5.95 for 30ml, while the crème is £22.50 for 200ml and £6.95 for 30ml, but you definitely get what you pay for. These products really are the epitome of pampering for your skin and can be purchased here.