Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil and Lip Salves

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For those of you who are loyal readers of The Amazing Blog, you would have come across the Balance Me brand before as it has featured before here. This week we have a Lip Salve to care for your lips during the winter, as well as the Rose Otto Face Oil.

The Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil is a new addition to the range and is a great product to work into your skincare routine if you’re looking to calm and protect your skin. There is no age suggestion for this product as it helps to replenish all types of skin, even the most sensitive of types. The formula is delicate, making it highly beneficial if you have sensitive skin and tend to get irritation using other more harsh products. The smoothing ingredients in the Rose Otto Oil is a special blend of pressed oils, all natural and chosen to target imperfections which develop because of having sensitive skin. The blend of oils including olive squaline, olive pomace and abysinnian oil, help to create a glossy texture which feels luxurious on the skin and intensely nourishes and heals problem patches on the face. I get blemishes on my face, and these are particularly visible in the winter, the Rose Otto Oil has calming properties to reduce the redness and even out the skin tone so any blemishes are less noticeable. Another thing I really like about the product is the rose scent which makes it much more appealing when you’re applying it. I have experienced less inviting smells with lots of oils before but have not found one I am comfortable using because there is often that lingering chemical smell.

We have also been trying out the Balance Me tinted ‘shine on’ lip salves. They appear to be like a lip gloss, but with more healing properties and less sticky. These are 100% natural and really great little lip salves to have in your handbag for a quick glamorous touch up when your lips begin to dry out. They are really glossy and have some noticeable colour once applied. Each colour is elegant and would work perfectly for daytime wear in the office without being too overbearing. The light formula means that you aren’t constantly aware that it’s sitting on your lips, which a lot of cheaper lip salves and glosses do. The salves are 100% natural and packed with organic lip-quenching nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins. The gloss gives the illusion that your lips are more plump than usual, so it works well as a flirty make-up addition if you’re going on a date! My favourite thing about this product is the softness and how it's not sticky at all. That has always been an annoyance for me, when you spend money on a nice lip gloss but it still manages to go gloopey, stick your lips together or get on your teeth. The Balance Me lip salves steer clear of that issue so pucker up and add one of these to your handbag.

You can purchase the oil for £32 for 30ml on their website here and you can buy the new 10ml lip salves with the perfect shine for £12 here. These are both neat little products which wont disappoint and should definitely be considered.