Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn

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Everyone knows today is 'Blue Monday' and that January is renowned as not being one of the happiest of months, as everyone seems to be doing penance by kicking off the New Year with some form of abstinence or other. However, what if I told you there’s a way to remain healthy and cut down on calories, but still indulging yourself.  Here at The Amazing Blog, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing, all thanks to Metcalfe and their delicious Skinny Topcorn.

Founder of the brand, Julian Metcalfe, was also co-founder of restaurants Pret and Itsu. So you just know the Metcalfe Topcorn range is going to be yummy! What’s brilliant about this range is that it really hits the spot if you’re craving a naughty food, while still being relatively healthy. They made from quality ingredients and is a much healthier alternative to the usual crisps or chocolate you may crave.

The Topcorn itself is extremely light, and comes in a variety of unique flavours meaning everyone’s taste buds can be satisfied. My favourite is definitely the  chocolate flavoured crackle, heaven! Also, because they are not coated, this means each bag only contains 230 calories, making it the perfect lunch, pre-dinner, or post-gym snack! A few other of our favourites here at the Amazing HQ include Sweet Cinnamon Spice, Wasabi Glaze, and Heat ‘n Sweet, to name a few… Although after making our way through each and every one of the flavours on offer, I have to say they're all crowd pleasers!

Each bag details the calorie count in large font on the front of the packet, making it really handy if you’re trying to be a bit healthier this year. The calories range from 108 in the Sea Salt Topcorn, to 230 in the more indulgent, Chocolate Crackle Topcorn. Because the Topcorn comes in snack size potions, it also prevents you from over-indulging, and experiencing that ‘just one more’ guilt.

Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn has grown to be one of the most loved popcorn brands in the UK, and it is stocked in retailers nationwide. Even better, when buying from the website here, you can buy crates of 12 regular sized bags, or 8 sharing bags. Prices range from £9 to £9.36 for a crate of 12, and £13 to £13.50 for 8 sharing bags. The Topcorn is also available in stockists such as Caffe Nero, River Island and Tesco, where prices may vary.