foreo blogIf there is a beauty field that the team at The Amazing Blog is obsessed with is skincare. Ignore other beauty bits -just for now- because most of us here, hide (and treasure) a whole ‘skincare wardrobe’ inside our bathroom cabinets. Needless to say, the day 2 FOREO Lunas arrived through our door, we were simply over the moon. After hearing so much about FOREO’s offering, and having read The Beauty Shortlist’s feature, we couldn’t wait to give these cute devices a go. And they certainly performed as well as expected.

FOREO offers a completely new approach to skincare with their Luna devices’ design. The Luna’s cleansing action resides in the T-Sonic pulsations that are channelled across the skin’s surface through a unique brush surface of super soft silicone short bristles. The combination of the bristles and the vibration delivers a thorough yet incredibly gentle cleanse. From what we've experienced, cream cleansers work best with the Luna, the texture is less sticky than a balm's and have more slip to it.

The Luna also features an anti-aging surface on the reverse side. This side is meant to be used after the cleansing to give the skin a nice massage, that according to the brand will make the signs of aging less visible. The one thing that makes the FOREO Luna stand-out from the rest of the cleansing devices in the market, is that it is 100% waterproof; making it perfect to use in the shower.

Have we seen an improvement on our skins? Yes. Do our serums and oils absorb quicker? Yes. Does our skin look brighter? Yes. FOREO Luna ticks all the boxes for us: it’s effective and the most gentle cleansing device out there in our eyes.

FOREO offers the Luna for women and men, both ranges include the following types: Luna Mini, Luna (for ultra-sensitive, sensitive/normal or combination skin) and Luna Luxe (Luna Gold and Luna Platinum for Men).

The Luna Mini is £99, the Luna in £145 and The Luna Luxe start from £5,000. You can get hold of these Swedish wonders on FOREO’s website and Selfridges. Steep prices, but if you're looking for an extra step to achieve perfectly cleansed skin, FOREO has you covered!