Friday Favourites - Cookbooks

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on here at The Amazing Blog, it’s our love of food. Whether it’s making it, eating it, buying it or just discussing it, we can’t get enough. That’s why we get very excited (probably too much so) when we are introduced to a new cookbook. This week we’ve been trialling recipes from three different books, and the results have been so wonderful we thought it only fair to share the food love with everyone…

Le Pain Quotidien

First up is Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook by Alain Coumont and Jean-Pierre Gabriel. The book has recipes shared by the authors that are also used at the successful restaurants also called Le Pain Quotidien, which translates to The Daily Bread. The authors encourage the use of organic ingredients not only for health reasons but also to get the best flavours out of every meal. What is wonderful about the book is that it first gives tips on how to properly make bread starting from what flour to buy to how to heat the oven properly; to even how soon it should be eaten.

This book has more than 100 recipes for breads, breakfast, soups, salads, tartines and desserts; even though some dishes are traditionally French they include ingredients from around the world which appealed to our diverse group here at The Amazing Blog.  The recipes we will definitely be trying soon are the Chia Seed and Banana Muffins which are a healthy, on-the-go breakfast idea that are also fast to make. With other ingredients like agave syrup, soy yogurt and vanilla, they are sure to be packed with lots of flavour.  Another is the Monday Detox Salad (made with cabbage, carrots, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, extra virgin cold-pressed canola (rapseed) oil and many more) is said to ‘help you recover from the weekend’s excesses’ which is something we will definitely be trying soon here at the office.

Coumont has over 200 restaurants in 14 countries worldwide and hopes to share his recipes from his kitchen to ours.  Published by Mitchell Beazley, an imprint of Octopus Publishing Group Ltd., it retails at £20.


Next up is top chef Marcus Verberne’s cookbook Roast. This book prides itself on being deliciously British, and is the first cookbook released by successful restaurant, you guessed it, Roast. In this new cookbook, you are given the chance to discover the secrets of the triumphant restaurant, and learn more about its first-rate suppliers and producers from all over the UK. Like the restaurant, the book’s aim is to encourage the use of seasonal and sustainable produce from the country's best farmers and fishermen and celebrate Britain's heritage and ingredients. The collection of recipes showcase delightful British cuisine and also reveal the restaurants secrets on how to create its famous dishes, from breakfast crumpets to special varieties of Britain’s favourite; the roast.

Not only does this book provide step by step guides and photographic instructions, but there are also QR codes, allowing you to access exclusive online video tutorials with head chef Marcus Verberne. The techniques are thoroughly explained which is extremely helpful, especially if trying to tackle one of the more complex techniques, such as opening live scallops or butchering a rabbit. The book is truly brought to life and will be one you reach for often, and don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a chef, there is also a ‘basics’ section full of simple recipes, allowing anyone to learn the basics and get beautiful results.

With over 100 recipes, there’s sure to be something in this book to suit everyone’s taste, whether it’s meat, seafood or veg. Published by Absolute Press and retailing at £25, this book is available in store and online, and can be found here.

101 Sandwiches

Lastly we have 101 Sandwiches by Helen Graves. If the title didn’t give it away, this original book brings together a collection of the weird and wonderful sandwich combinations from all over the world, all 101 of them. One may wonder what there is possibly to say about the simple sandwich, if you thought it was just a case of putting a filling in between two slices of bread, you’d be wrong. This enjoyable book on sandwich making is sure to open your eyes, from the classic peanut butter to the more fancy ‘Gatsby’, (a French fry, vinegar and meat extravaganza), you’re guaranteed to find a recipe to suit everyone’s taste buds. This is a perfect book for those of you who want to make something quick, yet exciting for lunch or maybe for those who simply fancy a speedy dinner. Any of the recipes in this book will be enough to fill you up and you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice, meaning there will always be something new to try. There’s even a few in there for those with a sweet tooth, or maybe just those who are feeling crazy and fancy a sandwich for dessert (cue the ice cream-cookie sandwich!) This is a perfect book for food lovers everywhere and would also make a great gift. It’s £12.99 and can be bought online here and here.

Now that you have gotten a feel for all three books, all you have to do now is pick your book and get to cooking!