Eve Snow London - Prima Donna Treatment Set

eve snow London photoIf there is one thing that makes us girls at The Amazing Blog feel perfectly put together, it’s a great manicure.  Sadly having the time and money to spend at the salon every few weeks is unrealistic.  Like me, you probably find doing your own nails is more hassle than it is worth.  I work toward a flawlessly smooth finish so I wave my hands in the air, for what seems like hours, until the polish sets.  I almost always end with an inevitable smudge!  Thankfully we have found a solution in the discovery of Eve Snow London and their Prima Donna Treatment SetThis British nail lacquer and cosmetic company offers a great manicure at less expense!

Before applying a polish, we suggest pampering yourself with a salon-like treatment of trimming and filing to guarantee a quality manicure.  Afterward, apply the Eve Snow base coat.  The lacquer’s matte finish is impeccable and dries almost instantly, making the application of colour a breeze.  This Treatment Set includes the shade Prima Donna.  I love the metallic-gold shade of Prima Donna as it adds an edge to every outfit!  Eve Snow has plenty of colours to choose from which, unlike other polishes, include Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba extract and Argan Oil to nourish rather than harm nails.  Additional colours can be purchased separate of the treatment set for £15 here.  The colour polish dries almost immediately and a second coat isn’t necessary which saves you time!  However to achieve a perfect finish Eve Snow also offers a fabulous top coat.  Simply applied like the base and colour lacquers, the top coat secures the polish with a smooth finish so quickly that waving your freshly painted nails in the air isn’t needed!

Seeking luxury and supporting young entrepreneurship, Eve Snow nail lacquer excludes many of the toxins found in other polishes and nourishes nails with every brush stroke.  This unique and natural take on nail polish makes Eve Snow even more worth the cost of £38 for the Treatment Set.  You can explore Eve Snow colour polishes and purchase the Prima Donna Treatment Set online here.