b2 - Sknrg Enzyme Kit

edwinas thursday Once again, here we are buzzing about another wonderful bee product. As you know, we here at The Amazing Blog are passionate about bringing awareness to a growing issue in the UK; our native bee population is on the decline and that can be detrimental to our future generations. Therefore, we are always excited to bring to you products that are made with bees in mind that give your skin that sweet, honey love. b2 Performance Skinwear is a British company that merges Buddhist inspired apothecary with scientific research using ingredients from ‘Earth, Sea and Bee' realms all the while  staying paraben and toxin-free.

We were lucky to try the b2 Sknrg Enzyme Daily Essentials Trio Mid Kit and this wonderful kit includes three products: AHA & Enzyme Cleansing Melt, Enzyme & AHA Toner and M+Collagen Day Cream. The treatment has anti-wrinkle properties as well as helps reduce skin irregularities (like scarring, pigmentation and pore size) and can improve skin tone and texture without leaving your skin dry. Whether you are trying to minimise wrinkles or prevent them, the treatment works well at renewing your skin to give it a youthful and healthy appearance.

The creators of the b2 line, husband and wife duo, Robert and Deborah Scott along with their team of researchers created this product with all natural and organic ingredients such as antioxidant packed seaweed, fruit enzymes, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). In order to ensure that their ingredients remain as organic and toxin-free, b2 follow organic farming standards when cultivating the plant extracts used in their products. The bee ingredients they use include seasoned honey, pollen and beeswax.  These ingredients are cultivated from the b2 apiaries housing various bees, but most importantly our native black honeybee.  b2  Sknrg  Enzyme  Daily  Essentials  Trio  Mid Kit is available here  for £39.50. Why not have your skin 'bee'  its very best and have all your friends buzzing about how you did it!