Butterflies Eye Care - Eye Make-up Remover

rachels wednesday 2When it comes to make up, we here at The Amazing Blog love hypoallergenic products because they offer our skin a sense of safety.  But those of us with contacts often wonder where the products for sensitive eyes are?  Recently we had the opportunity to try Butterflies Eye Care Cosmetics, eye make-up motivated by the issues contact lens wearers face when using cosmetics. The Optics and Pharmacy background of this family run company has been extremely beneficial in their creation of eye care, healthcare and beauty products. Butterflies Eye Care offers an array of cosmetics ranging from foundations, eye make-up, face creams and nail enamels.  However Butterflies Eye Care is revolutionary in solving more than the contact-lens problem.  They have also developed vitamins benefiting dry eyes, created anti-aging eye drops and prescriptions for swimming goggles and diving masks.  These ground-breaking eye care products can be found here.

Though Butterflies Eye Care offers a selection of cosmetics for contact lens wearers, we find the Eye Care eye make-up remover lotion to be innovative, as it can be applied while wearing contact lenses!  Exclusive to Butterflies Eye Care Cosmetics are different remover options, one remover with a milk base and the other with a water base. These different removers eliminate make-up without disrupting the placement of contacts.  The water based remover is thinner while the milk based remover has a thick lotion base.  Butterflies Eye Care recommends gently rubbing eye lids and lashes with a cotton pad to fully remove unwanted eye make-up.  Both the milk and water based removers include a PH identical to human tears, keeping eyes hydrated throughout the removing process.  The unique ingredients of both removers guard the skin around the eyes from potential lines and wrinkles caused by rubbing eyes during removal.  Both of these truly revolutionary eye make-up removers are 125 ml and can be purchased for £10.50 each.  The Butterflies Eye Care Eye make-up remover lotion (water base) can be found here, and the Butterflies Eye Care eye make-up remover emulsion (milk base) can be found here.