Vallebona – Cheese and Honey

joses monday

We here at The Amazing Blog always have an appetite for exploring new gourmet foods, so when our friends at Vallebona Sardinian Gourmet  contacted us, our stomachs were rumbling!  This family owned delicatessen is a proud, leading supplier of gourmet Sardinian and Italian produce within the UK.

With history dating back to the 1890’s, this business has been providing genuine Italian foods to homes, restaurants and cafés in the UK for over a decade.  Vallebona offers Artisan Cheeses, carefully selected Italian wines, various honeyssalami and other Italian delicacies that provide healthy, modern options to British cuisine and home cooking.   The company is currently owned and operated by the Stefano Vallebona, the great grandson of the original owner and continues to maintain connections with suppliers from that date to the start of the business.  Vallebona’s dedication to its roots assures customers of its truly authentic Italian foods.

Sensing our hunger for something new, Vallebona delivered delicious Pecorino Rosso Cheese and Honey with White Truffle to our office doorstep!  Pecorino Rosso is a Sardinian pecorino cheese (from the island of Sardina) and is made primarily of local Sardinian sheep milk.  The creamy, medium texture of Percorino Rosso makes the cheese easily scoop-able and the perfect accompaniment to Honey with White Truffle.  This speciality cheese is offered in blocks of 200g and 1kg.  A 200g block of Percorino Rosso Cheese can be found here for £3.20 .  The Vallebona Sardinian Gourmet Honey with White Truffle is a light acacia honey dotted with generous pieces of truffle.  This delectable combination makes for an intensely flavoured honey; Honey with White Truffle is an ideal complement when drizzled over the Pecorino Rosso.  The honey is offered in various size containers of 45g, 120g and 250g.  A 45g jar of Vallebona’s Honey with White Truffle can be found here for £3.92 .  The Pecorino cheese and Honey with White Truffle can also be purchased as a set, along with a suggested recipe and a 50g bag of Music Paper Bread for £12 here .

 Vallebona also invites you to sample their authentic Italian goods, in-store on Saturdays while you shop at their warehouse deli in Wimbledon .  Vallebona Sardinian Gourmet Pecorino Rosso cheese, Honey with White Truffle and other gourmet items can be purchased online here  with free delivery for orders over £50.  Buon Appetito (Good eating)!