The M’hencha Company - Moroccan Cake

m'hencha cake

Sometimes our body, soul and taste buds are in need of a holiday, and we here at The Amazing Blog  have found the perfect escape!  The M’hencha Company offers a range of spectacular treats, including our favourite Moroccan cake, has taken our taste buds on an exotic journey!

 With a passion for ‘awakening the senses’ through baking, The M’hencha Company founder, Sophie channelled her love for cake making into her specially designed M’hencha Cake.  Praise of her Moroccan delights from family and friends soon turned into recognition from colleagues like three-star awards at the Great Taste Awards, as well as at the Guild of Fine Foods.   Sophie and The M’hencha Company offer a variety of delicacies from bite-sized treats to celebration cakes, with both eating and serving suggestions. For the M'hencha Cake we received, it is best recommended to be eaten within five days of delivery, which we had no problem with that here in the office! This delicacy is a crunchy yet gooey coiled pastry cake made of almond frangipane, citrus zests, rosewater and perfectly topped with crumbled pistachios. Given that it was our first taste of Morroccan cake, it was a hit here in the office leaving us wanting more. After consumption however, there were a few guilty faces in the office, which I found amusing since calories are the least of my concerns. All the more to me I say!

The Moroccan cake is suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner- personally we found the M’hencha Cake satisfied perfectly as a mid-afternoon snack. The M’hencha Company suggests pairing a slice of cake during breakfast with coffee, enjoying a piece during lunch with a Moroccan mint tea or indulging in a slice of cake for dessert following dinner.  Delight yourself with a classic 6” M’hencha cake, serving 3-4 guests, from The M’hencha Company for £16.95 here.