Mary Kay – Botanical Effects

edwinas thursdayMany facial regimes are made for specific skin types, often causing difficulties when attempting to uncover skincare for sensitive, dry or oily skin.  In our search for a multi-skin cleanser, we here at The Amazing Blog have discovered the Botanical Effects line from Mary Kay.  This skincare line breaks the stigma with hypoallergenic ingredients exclusively customisable by skin type.  This matchless formulation of Botanical Effects offers ideal benefits for various skin types.

Wanting to provide skin with ‘feel good’ softness, Botanical Effects by Mary Kay contains a four-step regime including the Cleanse, Hydrate, Freshen and Mask.  Every item in the Botanical Effects line by Mary Kay consists of the rather unusual ingredients which is what interested us the most. They are namely Silymarin (commonly known as Milk Thistle) and Luo Han Guo.  The Silymarin ingredient soothes skin while defending it against environmental damage while Luo Han Guo promotes healthy skin with its enduring antioxidants.  Combining these ingredients, the Botanical Effects range revitalises skin, leaving the body feeling nourished.

To solve a dry skin dilemma, Mary Kay suggests using Cleanse both in the morning and evening.  This hydrating cleanser nourishes skin while removing makeup and other pore-clogging items with Flaxseed and Sea Kelp extracts.  Applying the Hydrate formula after cleansing the face leaves skin calmed, supple yet durable.  For an additional botanical boost, apply the Freshen body spray for radiating skin, as well as the Botanical Effects facial Mask to remove additional impurities and replenish hydration.  It is unnecessary to do all of these steps devotedly, as Botanical Effects focuses on how the skin feels after each step.  Mary Kay suggests you ‘add the steps that make you happy.’ However, to clear oily skin and pores, the Botanical Effects process remains the same, but the benefits are altered, combining Kanuka Tree and Guava extracts to improve oily skin.  Again, they suggest using the Cleanse in both the morning and evening to control oil; this removes excess oil from the face but does not leave the skin feeling ultra dry.  Applying the Hydrate then offers moisture to the skin while still balancing facial oils.  Spraying Freshen onto the skin continues to remove oil but also decreases the appearance of pores.  The Mask, the final step in the Botanical Effects process, assists in refining and cleansing pores.  Apply the regime until skin feels satisfied, as Mary Kay finds it unnecessary to apply these products consistently.  The entire Botanical Effects  range can be found here for only £60.  Each piece of the line can also be purchased separately online from Mary Kay.