Rouge Bunny Rouge - Aubades and Serenades

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One of The Amazing Blog’s favourite pastimes is walking up-and-down the aisles of the cosmetics counters and seeing all the perfectly uniformed new products. While sifting through the rows of make-up, we seem to find ourselves looking at the collections of foundations. We're always searching for a lightweight formula that matches our skin tone during the peaks of summer and winter. This is where Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Aubades and Serenades Colour-Matching Concentrate come in, and their shade of ‘Sonnet’, we couldn’t resist. The Amazing Blog has previously written about many of this company’s products, including the Rose Bunny Rouge eyeshadow, Impalpable Finishing Powder and more.

Long gone are the days of a mismatched foundation. We know finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone can be quite difficult. Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Colour-Matching Concentration helps adjust your foundation with its much-pigmented solution.  The product is easily blended and used year round. As the Colour-Matching Concentrate customises your foundation, your skin will absorb the additional benefits of the product, too. The ingredients within the formula are free of oil, fragrance and parabens. Instead, Rouge Bunny Rouge uses panthenol and vitamin E as a soothing agent, witch hazel to tone and purify and Pansy Extract for moisturising.

Rouge Bunny Rouge advises its users to apply the product after the face has been cleansed and primed. Pump a small amount of this product and your foundation on the back of your hand and then mix the liquids together. To test the colour before applying to the entire face, lightly tap your finger into the liquid and swipe on the jawline. Then, begin blending upwards toward the cheekbones. Continue adding more Colour-Matching Concentrate if necessary, to achieve the right skin tone. What could be easier? You can purchase the product at their website for €44.00.

Friday Favourites: Lip Balms

Whenever packing our handbags for the day ahead, we at The Amazing Blog always make sure to have lip balm with us. It’s essential to protect lips and as an added bonus it keeps them looking glossy throughout the day.  Today we thought we'd share with you our current favourite lip balms that will keep us pouting all summer!

We’re back and ready for more on A.T Antao products! We particularly enjoyed using the Intelligent Sleep Mask and OMG Eyeliner. The luxury brand founded by Teniya Tao, made their UK debut at the CEW Beauty Awards Product Demonstration Evening earlier this year. After unveiling their newest products, we were excited to try the Colour Awakening Lip Balm. The lip balm is in a sleek black casing and is the perfect  shade for summer. The subtle blush pink gives the lips a natural pop of colour for a simple and feminine look. However, the best part of this product is that the colour will change according to body temperature. Purchase the lip balm here for £8.80 and tell us about your colour-changing story!


Something that we all should be conscious of are the chemicals put into certain beauty products, and thankfully, Nathalie Bonds is one step ahead of us. Bonds began her company during her pregnancy with her son. During this time, she learned not only of the harmful chemicals we consume but of the chemicals in skincare products that have adverse effects on reproduction and developmental issues. She believes that less is more, and in doing so, she has created a natural skincare line that is high-quality and effective. We started using the Revive Lip Balm in spearmint and Bloom Lip Balm in rose geranium. The organic cocoa butter formula moisturises, protects, and improves skin flexibility. Each balm also contains olive oil to help chapped lips and calendula oil to soothe and reduce excess oil. You can purchase the Revive Lip Balm here for £7.00 and the Bloom Lip Balm here for £6.00.


Lastly, with the full-on 30-degree summer here in the UK, we started using Eco Cosmetics’ Lip Care Stick that contains an essential SPF25 to protect our lips from burning. We were eager to try this out after previously using their hair mousse. The stick uses Titanium Dioxide and Karanja Oil to protect from harmful UV rays, and it hydrates the lips with sunflower and pomegranate oils. The balm is light, soft and keeps dryness at bay. Purchase it here for £6.20. Mwah! And enjoy.



Map of the Heart – Clear Heart Vol. 1 Perfume


The summer has awoken our senses to fresher and lighter scents. The sun is out and it’s time to tweak our regular signature scent to match the change in temperature. The Amazing Blog has found just the perfume by Map of the Heart, an Australian company whose fragrances originate in France.

Map of the Heart has six unisex fragrances that are meant to 'conjure stories of place and character' and encourage people to challenge whatever life throws up. We tried their Clear Heart Vol. 1 perfume and were blown away by its subtle fragrance layers.

Clear Heart Vol. 1 perfume is inspired by the Australian summer, and we can see why. It has a light mix of soft green florals, combined with salty, and gentle ambery notes. All very reminiscent of balmy care-free days just lazing by the sea and listening to the echo of the lapping waves. When we spritzed and spritzed some more, it really lifted our mood and spirits. The top notes of the scent contain touches of citrus, green leaves, and blackcurrant. The heart of the fragrance has watery notes, Tunisian neroli, orris, and peony. Finally, the base of the perfume contains white cedar wood, Australian sandalwood, incense, and musks - it's truly moreish!

We also can’t get enough of the perfume’s bottle: the recreation of a living, breathing heart. This iconic shape was designed by the legendary Pierre Dinand (YSL ‘Opium’, Calvin Klein ‘Eternity’, Dior ‘Au Savage’). The design is cohesive with Map of the Heart’s desire to focus on the raw and honesty of human life. The question is, who'll be the lucky person taking this bottle of happiness home? I think we'll have to toss a coin for it!

So what happens if you order this and don't like it? There is an option. Map of the Heart fragrances let you try their products, with the option to return. Select LOVE IT, KEEP IT and your order will be shipped with a complimentary sample of your order choice. If you love it and want to keep it, then proceed to open the tissue seal and enjoy. However, if not, follow the instructions under the returns policy, and ensure the order is returned within 14 days of receiving.  Purchase your Clear Heart Vol. 1 perfume by Map of the Heart 90ml here for £150.00 also retailed in Harrods.

Lash Control - Mascaras


Are you tired of dealing with globs of mascara every time you pull the brush out of the container? Or even worse, having clumps of mascara on your eyelashes? Here at The Amazing Blog, we have found a way to prevent these annoying episodes, with these two mascaras from Lash Control. These mascaras are from the USA, under the name U. Control Packaging, LLC, well-known for its line of unique mascara and brow-fix formulas. Their formulas are sold under the niche brand name LASHCONTROL®, a unique, patented and award-winning collection of mascara tubes. With tubes that allow you to control how much mascara is on your brush, simply squeeze as you pull the brush out, and excess formula stays in the tube.

We were sent two products from the Lash Control range, the first being the ClearCoat Mascara and Brow-Fix This is the first ever mascara/brow-fix with a “built-in non-clumping squeezable wiper sleeve”. It enables the user to control the amount of formula being used, depending on how hard they squeeze it. It is loaded with botanicals, namely a hydrating beeswax base, Gingko Biloba, Chamomile Flower Extract, and Ginseng Root Extracts. It can also be used as a top coat over the Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara, to add some extra shine whilst separating the lashes. Alongside lashes, it can be used as a brow gel, taming “fly a ways” to create a fresh grooming look.

The second product sent to us by Lash Control was the Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara. This is basically the other one’s twin, but with added colour. Its volumizing brush is zig-zag shaped, enabling the user to apply the product effortlessly.  It contains the same ingredients as the ClearCoat Mascara, and as such, you won’t be wasting time wiping the wand on a tissue or scraping it along the edge of the tube. The squeezable wiper sleeve will once again leave you with a precise and full looking result

These mascaras promote healthy and natural looking lashes with the use of organic ingredients. Trust us; you won’t regret buying these two products. So get the ClearCoat Mascara and Brow-Fix here and Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara here available via Amazon or Paypal for $18.00 each.




Snowcrystal’s Blusher & Bronzer Duo

In an increasingly environmentally-conscious world, we are even more aware of the effects our make up products may have. We at The Amazing Blog were interested to learn about the brand Snowcrystal, a Swedish premium and award-winning cosmetics company, that offers customers a sustainable approach to make up. Plus they have developed a unique colour-coded cosmetics Custom Colour System™; this line is aimed at the 40+ age group, with its intuitive colour technology based on the key undertones of the skin in cool, warm and neutral.

Instead of throwing an empty palette away, Snowcrystal’s palettes are reusable. Thanks to their refillable duos and palettes, your cosmetic collection won’t continue to grow, taking up unnecessary space with nearly empty items. Simply hop online and choose which product you would like to refill your palette with. All of the textures, ingredients, and colours are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

This Blusher & Bronzer Duo comes in three shades: cool, warm and neutral. How this works is to do with a higher percentage of cool or warm pigments. So the pink-base pigments will be in the cold (C = cool) category and warm yellow-based products in the (W = warm) line. Colours that have equal amounts of cold and warm pigmentation are found in the Neutral (N = neutral)  The Blusher & Bronzer Duo that we were sent are in the C1 Blush 'Graupel' and C1 Bronzer 'Flurry' (C = cool). We loved the micro-fine texture of the pressed powders which enabled us to create both a very natural daytime look and even more of a glow for the evening. The compact is portable, comes with a mirror and is handbag friendly. It’s also important to note that the product is cruelty-free. SnowCrystal’s Blusher & Bronzer Duo in the three available colours can be purchased for £39.60 here. We have our eye on their soft blended Foundation Duo to try next!