Loves Lights Highlight Powder and Alchemy Long-lasting Brow Liner – Rouge Bunny Rouge

Here at The Amazing Blog, we really can’t get enough of Rouge Bunny Rouge products, so you can understand our excitement when they sent us their newly reformulated Loves Lights Highlighting Powder and newly launched Alchemy Long-lasting Brow Liner!

The Loves Lights Highlighting Powder in the shade Goddess is absolutely stunning and comes with a powder puff for easy application. The powder is so beautifully embossed that we hesitated to touch it at first, but it is so finely milled and silky that it really deserves to be used. The shade Goddess is a light cream with pink undertones and a subtle white-gold sheen. When applied to the skin, it has a natural satin finish that makes you look as if you are glowing from the inside. The highlighter is formulated with anti-aging benefits, so it’s just as good for your skin as it looks. The Alchemy Long-Lasting Brow Liner is available in two natural shades and features a fine tip to allow for easy application and shaping of the brows. Designed to last, the liner is smudge proof and waterproof so you can rest assured your brows will look on point for the entire day.

Add a touch of natural glam to your makeup regime with Rouge Bunny Rouge via their website, with the powder available for £45 and brow liner for £26.

Sleep Tracker Smart - Beddit

Here at The Amazing Blog, we appreciate the importance of a good night’s sleep, both for the beauty benefits and to give us the energy to plough through each day. That is why when we heard that there was a sleep monitoring device that wouldn’t require us to wear a buzzing bracelet or sleep in a contraption that belongs in Space Odyssey, we snapped up the opportunity to give it a go!

The Beddit Sleep Tracker Smart is the ultimate life-hack to help you make the most of your shut-eye time and get going each morning with more energy. Simply place the sleek, minimalist device under your sheet and link it with your mobile phone via the Beddit App (iPhone and Android compatible) to have your quality and length of sleep recorded. Upon waking (the app will kindly wake you at the optimum time), you will receive a SleepScore so that you know how well you slept. While for those who also wish to get down to the science of their sleep, the device measures your resting heart rate so that you can decipher how well you recovered from the day’s workout. This allows you to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury due to inadequate rest and recovery.

Get sleeping like a baby with the help of the Beddit Sleep Tracker Smart, available here for £149, and visit the Beddit YouTube channel for more info!

All-In-One Anti Ageing Cream – NCN Professional Skincare

While there are many things that improve with time (like a fine wine), skin is definitely not one of them. Here at The Amazing Blog, we understand what it is like to be dissatisfied with the appearance of our ageing skin. Although many women turn to fillers to remove wrinkles and troublesome spots, there are a few highly effective products you might want to consider before stepping into the clinic.

The All-in-One Anti Ageing Cream by NCN Professional Skincare is a potent blend of peptides, actives, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and oils that can plump, lift, erase fine lines, hydrate, pamper and nourish your skin. For anyone experiencing wrinkles, loss of firmness, or dull skin, this formula is the solution you have been looking for! As an all-in-one product, it can be used entirely on its own in your skincare regimen. Unless you have extremely dehydrated skin, you don’t even need to apply a moisturiser alongside it. Apply it once or twice daily to see a visible improvement in the appearance of your skin.

The All-in-One Anti Ageing Cream is available here for £69.99.

Mahtay Natural Biorhythm - Mahtay

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It is Monday again and here at The Amazing Blog, we sometimes need an extra boost to keep us going with the start of a new week. We’ve recently discovered Mahtay Natural Biorhythm, a vitality drink that helps to energise and get us charging through the day.

Mahtay Natural Biorhythm is a roasted sparkling Yerba Maté drink with refreshing coconut juice and antioxidant-rich acai berries. This healthy drink is low calorie, low sugar, and tastes great whether it is on its own or mixed into a cheeky cocktail. The Yerba Maté, sourced from South America, has invigorative and energizing properties due to the natural presence of Theobromine, a thermogenic fat burner that acts like caffeine but without the side effects of coffee. Coconut water contains bioactive enzymes that promote healthy digestion and increased metabolism, along with a variety of healthy vitamins and minerals. The Acai berries provide antioxidants promoting a healthy complexion and improving mental and physical endurance so you can work hard and play hard!

Visit their website to find your closest stockist of Mahtay Natural Biorhythm drink.

Deodorant Feature - Friday Favourites

We at The Amazing Blog know how important it is to stay fresh while living our busy and sometimes hectic lives. Whether we are running daily errands, going to the gym or travelling; we all want to feel protected from unpleasant odours. We also love discovering new brands that do natural and organic products that are vegan friendly, not tested on animals and that are free from nasty chemicals that harm our health.  That’s why we tried and tested three great brands that offered us just what we were looking for. 

Green People were one of the first brands we tried and fell in love with. Their paraben free Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant is 89% organic and non-irritating, so what’s not to love? It also effectively controls odours and doesn’t contain pore-clogging aluminium. You should also expect this ultra-gentle roll-on deodorant to deliver more than just supreme protection: skin-loving ingredients like Rosemary and Shea butter soothe and calm the underarm, prevent irritation and regulate the skin’s acid balance. Skin is left soothed, softened and refreshingly scented with a pleasant citrus formula. Green People Quinoa & Prebiotics deodorant is available for £9.50 on their website.

When AA Skincare launched their new fresh-smelling trio of deodorants we were happy to try them out since they promised to give day-long protection. Not only did this effective trio deliver long lasting protection, they also allowed our skin to breathe as the ingredients used contain pure deodorising essential oils and natural extracts. The deodorants come in Grapefruit & Cedarwood, Lemongrass & Lavender, and Bergamot & Aloe, so you can choose your favourite one. These naturally effective deodorants won’t block your pores or irritate your skin and they contain no aluminium salts, alcohol or artificial fragrances.  Packed in handy glass roll-on containers to ensure no wastage, the range is competitively priced at just £4.95 and is available online here.

Salt of the Earth’s Pure Aura Natural Deodorant for Women was our most recent product to trial. With the sweet scent of Lavender and Vanilla, this natural spray-on deodorant will leave underarms fresh all day long with a heavenly blend of plant extracts and oils. With no testing on animals and made from wholly natural ingredients, this product is not only good for your skin but also for your conscience! For these reasons, it is no wonder Salt of the Earth has received multiple accolades for their products. Their range also includes an unscented Natural Deodorant with Aloe Vera and Baking Soda that is suitable for men and women and also comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle. Treat your oft-forgotten underarms to some natural TLC with Salt of the Earth’s Natural Deodorant here from £2.99 for a handy travel sized Unscented spray to £5.99 for the Pure Aura Natural Deodorant for Women.