Christmas at Kew


Deck the halls, hang up the mistletoe and string up those lights. Christmas season is here everybody, and we here at The Amazing Blog, clearly, couldn’t be more excited. More excitingly, Christmas is coming early to Kew, running from 22 November to 1 January.


The Kew Christmas festivities take place after dark, once the gardens have closed. The magical after dark experience brings you fairy-tale and fantasy. Wander down the one-mile long trail that winds through the gardens, as you are surrounded by illuminating and singing trees, giant baubles, buildings that boast over one million twinkling lights, a flickering Fire Garden. The Palm House lights up with a dazzling show of laser beams, jets of light and kaleidoscopic projections. It really is a sight to behold!


In addition to the mystical outdoor trail, there is festive food and drink on offer. Sipping some mulled wine, hot chocolate or spiced cider, and toasting marshmallows around the fire is the perfect way to warm your cockles in the winter chill. Fancy picking up some Christmas gifts? There is a wonderful selection of gifts and stocking fillers in Kew’s shops. The children even get a chance to meet Father Christmas and his elves next to the magical vintage fairground. It is the perfect event for all ages, to get you into the Christmas spirit and we can’t wait to bask in the festivities.

Book tickets here for £16, or £10 for children.

Drasanvi Hemp Oil Shower & Bath Gel and Rosehip Oil Body Lotion

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At The Amazing Blog we're already big fans of the Drasanvi brand. In fact, a while ago we wrote about their popular Collmar Marine Collagen supplement here. So we were happy to discover the Drasanvi‘s body care range, with their Hemp Oil Shower & Bath Gel and Rosehip Oil Body Lotion to try. Drasanvi has over 23 years of experience in the natural health and supplement industry and has fast become the go-to point of reference in the European health and wellbeing sector. This brand is now a very welcome newcomer to the UK with their supplements currently available online at FeelGoodMatters. Drasanvi have built their reputation on producing an extensive range high quality and innovative products, together with a skin and body care range infused with natural and active ingredients from plants, fruit and minerals extracts.

Drasanvi Hemp Oil Shower & Bath Gel is a calming and soothing bath gel that is suitable for all skin types. It is enriched with hemp extracts and ylang ylang essential oil. Ylang ylang essential oil is renowned for its refreshing and sebum production balancing properties; it also promotes a clear and healthier skin. This unique combination of ingredients makes a nourishing shower gel that not only gently cleanses skin but also soothes it. The mix of the hemp extracts and Ylang Ylang oil create a reviving scent that instantly awakens your skin leaving it hydrated and silky smooth.

Whereas the Hemp Oil Shower & Bath Gel deeply cleanses and refreshes the skin, the Rosehip Oil Body Lotion helps to nutrify and regenerate. This body lotion has some premium natural ingredients which include both rosehip and geranium oils, making it the ideal choice for dry or mature skin. Geranium and rosehip oils are floral essential oils that are used to repair and rejuvenate the skin; which in turn helps to reduce the appearance scars and stretch marks. The subtle combination of geranium and rose leaves a very delicate and long lasting scent on the skin. Why we particuarly like this body lotion is because it absorbs quickly and leaves no tell-tale white residue.

Both these products are not tested on animals and made from natural and organic ingredients. They have the European ECOCERT certification, therefore conforming to the highest quality standards. You can purchase Drasanvi’s Hemp OIl Shower & Bath Gel here for £6.15 and the Rosehip Oil Body lotion here from £12.95.

Flores Mediterrneas by Álvarez Gómez

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Just because we are in the deep, dark, depths of Winter doesn’t mean we can’t inject a bit of Mediterranean warmth into our lives. We at The Amazing Blog are longing for the heat, the culture and the beautiful smells of our favourite Mediterranean countries, however, with Christmas around the corner the budget for jet-setting off has dwindled down to nothing. If this also sounds like you, then never fear because we have the next best thing, Álvarez Gómez  whose Mediterranean Flowers collection of Eau de Toilette's will transport you to a beautiful Spanish vineyard in a single spritz. 

With eight delightful floral scents to chose from, each fragrance will remind you of your favourite Spanish Garden or Forest filled with Mediterranean flowers. Álvarez Gómezwas established in 1912 and has a long tradition in Spain. Making use of this long history the brand has selected a variety of delicate fragrances in this exquisite range. Featured in Hotels and Restaurants the brand is a Spanish beauty staple, and the simple art deco bottle sits pride of place on many bathroom shelves, both public and private. 

We loved all of the scents, but our favourite was their Orchid and White Lily Eau de toilette. This one has a particularly sultry scent. The fragrance envelops you and left us feeling incredibly sophisticated. Due to this, we think it is the perfect perfume to wear to a special dinner, evening event or just as a winter fragrance. We won’t be wearing anything else!

You can purchase all of their perfumes here, costing £19.50. With Christmas around the corner this is the perfect gift to ask for or buy for that special someone. 

Cinere - 100% Natural Cleansing Gel & Extra Rich Nourishing Cream

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We at The Amazing Blog as regular readers will know, are always on the look-out to discover new natural skincare. When we received Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Gel and Extra Rich Nourishing Cream we were very pleasantly surprised. Cinere is a skincare brand that attaches great importance to holistic beauty. Their claim is that their natural skincare is among the purest and most effective in this sector. Using both their passion for natural ingredients and their expertise in science and dermatology; the brand created products with the some of the finest essentials oils and ingredients.                                                                                                                                              

Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Gel is formulated to deeply cleanse and detoxify skin while removing dirt, make-up traces and impurities. Perfect for oily skin, the gel has oil balancing properties that help reduce oil production and prevent the appearance of blemishes and blackheads. Enriched with active herbal ingredients including lavender oil and chamomile extracts, which are known for their protecting and healing properties.  This cleanser purifies skin and leaves it moisturised and velvety smooth, so in the long term, skin looks brighter and more radiant

The Cinere Extra Rich Nourishing Cream is made to suit all skin types; it repairs and transforms dull and tired looking complexions into radiant and glowy skin. Cinere's Extra Rich Nourishing Cream feeds the skin with its key ingredients of wheat oil, rice protein, shea butter, rose oil, and edelweiss flower extracts. This cream that not only 'nourishes' the skin but improves its appearance, boosts collagen production and enhances skin elasticity. The moisturiser also helps reduce signs of ageing by plumping up and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

As part of your daily routine Cinere recommends that every morning after the Gel Cleanser you should religiously apply their Rich Nourishing Cream as part of your regular skincare regime. We like the simplicity of using these two products to help keep a bright and youthful complexion. You can purchase the cleansing Gel here for £17.50 and the face cream here for £50.

Taylor's 32 Whitening Toothpaste

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At The Amazing Blog we believe that beauty starts from the inside and nothing is more beautiful than healthy, clean and brilliant teeth. Therefore we are always on the lookout for the most effective and most natural toothpaste. We recently discovered Taylor's 32  natural whitening toothpastes. The toothpastes are in three different flavours: Classic mint, Fennel and Mint and Grapefruit and Mint.

Taylor's 32 is a brand that values and promotes a healthy lifestyle; the company strongly believes in the benefits of natural and high-quality products to provide good brushing experience. Not only their whitening toothpastes are natural but they are also free from SLS, artificial preservatives, sweeteners and abrasives.

Their Classic Mint whitening toothpaste is an intelligent mixture of peppermint and unique essential flavour oils. The toothpaste is formulated with sodium bicarbonate, silica, fluoride, xylitol and vitamin E. Together these ingredients restore the natural whiteness of the teeth, remove stains, and strengthen the tooth enamel. The classic mint toothpaste deeply cleanses the teeth while leaving a fresh and minty feeling.

The Fennel and Mint like the brand's toothpastes is enriched with Taylor's 32 unique recipe and ingredients. The toothpaste is highly effective for removing stains caused by coffee, tea or wine. After a few application teeth look whiter and more brilliant. Infused with vitamin E renowned for its strengthening and protecting properties the toothpaste helps restore teeth natural shine without harming them.

Our favourite flavour of the lot is the Grapefruit and Mint one. What an unusual yet perfect combination. As well as being as effective as the other two the blend of grapefruit and mint gives the toothpaste an extra freshness. The sensation is pleasant and agreeable in the mouth; it has a zesty and minty flavour that is at the same time refreshing and invigorating.

These toothpastes are the ideal way to start and finish your day. If you are looking for a whitening toothpaste that will give you natural white teeth without damaging your teeth enamel, do not hesitate Taylor's32 is the brand.

You can purchase the classic mint toothpaste here, the fennel and mint flavour is available here and the amazing grapefruit and mint here for £5 each.