Friday Favourites - Fragrances

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love summer in London. However, offices without air conditioning and stuffy tubes can often lead to assaults on the senses when the weather heats up. For this reason, we always like to make sure we’re smelling our best, and I’m sure you do too. Of course, this isn’t limited to the warmer months, but we wanted to share with you our favourite summer scents.

The first of our fragrance favourites is the new Les “White” collection from French brand, Jul Et Mad.  Positively oozing Parisian sophistication, the brand was born out of the love story of Julien and Madalina, whose relationship inspires all the perfumes they create.  Of the three aromas in the collection, Nea, Nin-Shar and Garuda, Nea is our favourite. A rich, fruity fragrance, it contains Date and Dry Plum, as well as Damascan Rose and Caramel. It feels so opulent, and is such a treat to wear. The perfect heady scent for those hot summer evenings, it’s inspired by the Ancient civilization of Byzantium. Modern day Turkey, it certainly evokes feelings of the East and the Orient. A little on the pricey side, the Nea scent is available to buy here for €165.  It’s also available to buy at Harrods, Fenwick Bond Street and Harvey Nichols, and it certainly is the ultimate luxury.

A little more affordable, but no less special, are the Industria fragrances. You may recognise the brand from our candle feature, and the fragrances are no less chic. With three beautifully crisp looking fragrances to choose from, each looks so clean and fresh. Although we love the sharp citrus notes of Bergamotto and the more musky scent of Ambergris, Cardinalis is the shining star for us.  As with the candle, the notes of coconut and mandarin oil perfectly evoke holiday feelings in us, making it a wonderful summer aroma. You can pick up the Cardinalis perfume here for £59 along with others from the collection.

Another little spritz of luxury can be found in Eutopie perfumes. With each numbered bottle documenting part of a journey, the brand story is just as interesting as the scents themselves. Our favourite was No. 7. Influenced by the Palace of Versailles, the opulent scent takes inspiration from the Kitchen Garden of the King, filled with the delicious scents of blackcurrants, peaches and strawberries. Combined with Marigold and Pink Pepper, this subtle scent is perfect for a soft scent this season. Pick it up here for €155. (They are featuring free international shipping on their website until 31/08 with purchases of €155!)

Last, but certainly not least is the innovative creation from Perphone. We love to carry a scent with us on long days, so that we can freshen up when needs be. We always rely on sample sizes however, as carting around a bottle of your signature scent is a little cumbersome. Perphone have come up with the genius idea of merging your scent with your phone. Their chic iPhone cases house cartridges of a range of fragrances, which swivel up, turning your phone into a makeshift spritzer. Available for both men and women, we’ll never have to worry about forgetting our perfume again. Grab one of these fun cases here on their website or on Amazon for £28. 

Perfumerie Fragonard - Le Jardin De Fragonard collection

Here at The Amazing Blog we love a good scent, especially one that comes from a great heritage. Founded in 1926 by entrepreneur Eugène Fuchs, Perfumerie Fragonard was established to sell perfumery products directly to tourists who were discovering the French Rivera’s charms. Fuchs chose the name after the famous Grasse-born painter, Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806), as a tribute to the town of Grasse, the refinement of 18th-century arts, as well as representing his desire to run his business in accordance with traditions. This spirit has been loyally perpetuated by the three succeeding generations who have run and are still running the company.

We love how Perfumerie Fragonard combines tradition with a modern attitude, and we were delighted to receive their Jasmin Perle de Thé eau de parfum (£30 for 50ml) and Jasmin de Fragonard collection (ranging between £10-£18) to try out.

Jasmin-Perle de Thé translates to Jasmine-Pearl Tea. This beautiful and elegantly feminine scent is reminiscent of flowering jasmine, and with additional notes of lemon, bergamot, honeysuckle, green tea, white cedar, guaiac wood and white amber, which makes for a wonderful summer perfume.

We also loved the Jasmin de Fragonard collection, an exclusive range that pays homage to the town of Grasse. Topped by head notes of bergamot and orange blossom, “Jasmin” eau de toilette develops heart notes combining three jasmine varieties (Grasse, Egypt and India) on an amber base. The collection comprises of soaps, candles, toiletry bags, gift sets and decorative objects. Both the Jasmin Perle de Thé eau de parfum and Jasmin de Fragonard can be purchased from the Fragonard website, or from Marks & Spencers.

Jul Et Mad - Aqua Sextius

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We here at The Amazing Blog know how hard finding the perfect fragrance can be. So when something new like Jul Et Mad’s Aqua Sextius came along, one can only imagine how excited we were to expand our assortment of scents and give it a try. Needless to say, we were absolutely thrilled with the product.

The first thing that caught our eye about Jul Et Mad’s Aqua Sextius was that the liquid is a peculiar light green hue, reminding us of a breath of fresh air. Aside from being fascinated by the colour, the fragrance had a distinctive ability to provide dual sensations after being sprayed. The initial scent is a combination of citrus, bergamot, mandarin, orange and grapefruit, making us feel like we we’re enjoying a sunny day at the beach. We then instantly cooled down and enjoyed the blend of tea notes, powdery mimosa blossom, white flowers, and fig and pine tree resin. The array of ingredients in this product allows the fragrance to create an all around fresh and light summery atmosphere.

Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius comes in a beautiful 50ml bottle. The company also introduced special 20 ml travel packaging named Le Compagnon, ideal for those who want to test the fragrance before purchasing a large bottle. Each comes in a box made of grey leather and contains the product along with an additional 7ml travel bottle, giving customers the option to refill. For those who love miniatures there is also a LOVE DOSE 5ml bottle available with all four perfumes.

If you feel the need to drift away and get lost with Jul et Mad Sexitus Aqua, the product is avaliable for purchase here.