Friday Favourites for Effortlessly Perfect Eyes

Eye make-up was, for many of us, the first exploration into the world of beauty. Looking at advertisements and movie stars with the perfect smokey eye, or lashes that fluttered coyly, we realized that we wanted to look like that. Before all the other little tricks such as contouring, highlighters and lip-liners entered our world, it was eye makeup that made a statement and had the power to transform your identity for the day. While our tastes may have grown more subtle, definitely an improvement from the over lined lids of our youth, we still find a well done eye can lift an entire look. Therefore, The Amazing Blog has pooled it's collective knowledge to create a step by step guide for the perfect day to day look with minimal effort. After all, just because you are in a rush doesn't mean you can't look your best!


The first step for perfect eyes is to create a smooth and dark circle free surface to begin working with. To achieve this, we would recommend using Orphica's Pure Advanced Eye Renewal Serum which moderates wrinkle formation, banishes dark circles and puffiness, and nourishes the delicate under-eye area. The skin under your eyes is especially sensitive, which is why it needs special protection from external stressors, such as oxidative stress. Key ingredients such as Abyssinian oilVitamins A and E and snail secretion leave skin soft, smooth and soothed.

We are big fans of Orphica, which is why they feature again in the final step of this look. The reason we like this brand so much is that they draw inspiration from nature, incorporating the wonderful properties of plant extracts and the natural processes of the human body to create remarkable and effective products. 

Just apply the serum once daily before applying makeup. Purchase it here for £62.


The second step is a quick way to create long term effects. if you are like us then you have probably longed for longer lashes most of your life. Well, the people at Eye Care Cosmetics have granted us our wish with their Infini-Cils Mascara & Liner. It is an innovative lash growth activator which consists of a unique blend of nutritional ingredients to nourish the hairs. The active ingredient TDC (Tetrasodium Disuccinoyl Cystine) stimulates keratin which is the key composit for stronger, longer lashes. Biotinyl nourishes the lashes, promoting faster growth. Last, but not least, is organic Silicum and Panthenol, which are moisturising and strengthening ingredients. Importantly, the serum is hypo-allergenic and so those of you with sensitive skin and eyes are still able to use this wonder-product. It seems we're not the only ones who think this, as it was 'highly commended' at the 2016 Pure Beauty Awards.

This is an easy way to improve your lashes, you simply apply to makeup free eyes using the dual applicator. A fine liner applies product along the root of lashes and a mascara brush coats the length of the lashes.

Purchase the Infini-Cils Mascara & Liner from this UK stockist here, for £18.





Now you have prepared the skin we are ready to move on to cosmetics. We firmly believe that eye Shadow is the best way to make eyes stand out, look bigger and help enhance your natural eye colour. We would recommend one of Lin & Lo's Mineral Eyeshadow Sets. They come as perfectly matched trios in an array of natural or vibrant colours. We were able to try the Natural trio and the Plum trio, the latter being ideal for green and hazel eyes. We recommend the Sahara trio, with the amber and rust hues to help blue eyes shine. Play up brown eyes with bronze tones to bring out their depth and dimension using the Mordore trio. 

The formula of the shadows are made of pure pigments with a silky touch that are easy to blend and only need only a single layer for maximum impact. Lin & Lo is a brand focused on using natural ingredients in their makeup line. They offer professional-quality makeup that acts as a skin care treatment at the same time, containing vitamins (C and E), antioxidants and natural ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Roman Chamomile and Shea Butter. This eye shadow will leave your delicate skin left healthy and beautiful. The line consists of anything from foundations to lip pencils. What's more, the products are great for sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic and free from synthetic preservatives, chemical dyes, artificial fragrances. Lin & Lo want women to feel confident and safe which is an ethos we can get behind.

If you have time, a flick of your favourite eye liner pairs beautifully with all Lin & Lo eye shadow. You can buy the Mineral Eye Shadow Sets here for £35.50 each.



Bookending our routine is Orphica's Up Mascara which gives instantly longer lashes. The ergonomic wand effectively works to separate the lashes and coat each lash evenly, adding the much-desired volume. The mascara was designed to give you that seductive look, and so you are left with natural but fluttery lashes. The formula is top-notch; it is highly-pigmented and pitch-black, it doesn't flake, smudge, clump or weigh down the lashes. the mascara remains in place through out the day and finishes off the look. This mascara is so good, in fact, that we forego the eye lash curlers making it a time-saving and effective product. 

Purchase the mascara here for £30.00, with free delivery on all orders.

With these three products in your makeup bag you are guaranteed to finally have the eyes you dreamed of as a child. All of the products are easy to use and are the perfect accompaniment to the girl on the go.