Acqua Dell'Elba Eau de Parfums

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A classic, modern and energising perfume is a must-have to any woman and man collection. The classic scent from Acqua Dell'Elba, available in versions both for him and for her, is ideal for those who like to sport a light yet scrumptious scent. When the founders of the brand decided to create fragrances they wanted to bottle the essence of Tuscan culture, art, landscape and way of life and share it with the world. We at The Amazing Blog are thrilled that they decided to share this secret, as it is our new favourite scent.

Inspired by the aromas of an island, the freshness of the sea and the intoxicating notes of flowers their Classica perfumes recreate the essence of the small Italian island of Paolina, that the founders visited and were inspired by. The Classica for women strongly emulates these smells, created with notes of orange, myrtle, gardenia, jasmine, Mediterranean shrubs, and marine cistus this perfume is delicate and refreshing. The fragrance for him compliments it beautifully, but with a slight change in tone owing to the mandarin, lemon, rosemary, marine algae, Mediterranean shrubs and musk incorporated in the formula. While similar, the Eau de Parfum for Man is heavier with stronger base notes.

The high quality of the raw materials and the skills, passion and wisdom of the craftsmen are the unique qualities that make the fragrances so special. The production techniques are inspired by the age-old traditions of the renaissance craftsmen. They only make a limited quantity each time, owing to the difficulty in finding the raw materials. The finished product is a fresh, glorious and light scent that we just want to douse ourselves in. If you fancy infusing your cupboards, drawers, car or home with this heavenly scent, you can buy it in the form of seashell chalks, so we'll be buying a bunch for every room in our home.

Purchase the Acqua Dell'Elba Classic Eau de Parfum Woman here for €69 and Man here for €69 and the Sea Scented Seashell Chalks here from €11-15. Although the prices are listed in euros you can use PayPal to purchase these products in pounds.