BBC Proms Classical Music Festival 2016

The time has come once again for the annual BBC Proms Classical Music Festival, with 2016 marking the 122nd season.  Here at the Amazing Blog are always on the hunt to look for new events that we would like to go to. Beginning on Friday 15th July, the festival runs for 8 weeks showcasing over 90 concerts, before culminating with the Last Night of the Proms on Saturday 10th September.

David Attenborough once said that “when the Proms season comes, life changes; a kind of light comes into your diary.” Therefore, we urge you to begin making plans to get to the Proms to enjoy this world-class music event. Following the tradition of Promming, guests can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the BBC Proms in the standing areas of the Royal Albert Hall, either in the Arena for those who like to be close to the performers or in the Gallery for fantastic acoustics and a view from above. These tickets are available at an outstandingly low price of £6; however other seating options are also available.

For information on how to get your tickets, visit the website here.