Body, Face & Foot Balms by Okko

It is no secret that here at The Amazing Blog we value good skin care products above all else after all beauty trends come and go, but our skin is here for life, so it’s imperative that if we always want to look our best that we take care of it. As such we are always searching for new and exciting products that to help care for our skin and manage any conditions it may have. So we were thrilled when Okko Skin Care sent us some samples of their 100% natural and environment-friendly balms

Okko’s balms are deeply moisturising sticks containing organic rosehip oil, organic jojoba oil, aloe butter and organic chia seed oil just to name a few.  Okko produces two distinct body balms, two unique face balms, and one original foot balm. The body balms are suitable for all skin types, and both left our skin feeling nourished and moisturised. We particularly loved the Organic Borage and Rosehip Body Balm Stick, as the borage oil helps to enhance skin’s elasticity. The two face balms were light and gentle. The Organic Chia Seed and Rosehip Balm was great on dry skin, as chia seed and rosehip are deeply nourishing. The clary sage and rose geranium, in the Organic Clary Sage and Rose Geranium Balm, left our skin feeling velvety soft. 

We think that the Organic calendula and Eucalyptus Foot Balm is a must have this summer. As we approach summer so do we approach sandal season. The foot balm is an excellent way to calm and smooth feet. The organic calendula oil aids to smooth skin and helps with tissue regeneration, therefore healing and smoothing rough or broken skin on feet. Using has removed any fears we may have had about getting our feet out this summer!

You can purchase all of the Okko products on their website here, and prices range from £18.00 - £22.00. However, if you want to test them out first before buying full-size balm you can! Okko have Try me versions of all their products for £2.50