BRYT Skincare - BRYT Skincare For Him

Being the only male in the office, the grooming products I receive are sadly, but not surprisingly, few and far between. I’m pleased to announce, however, that this has been my lucky week, as The Amazing Blog received a range of mens beauty treats, courtesy of BRYT Skincare.  With a range of skincare for him, from cleanser to moisturiser, I couldn’t wait to go home and get cleansing.

Of the four products that BRYT Skincare kindly sent over; the Boys Foaming Cleanser, Boys Wash, Boys Moisturise and Boys Shave, I was most excited by the Boys Wash. A gentle lathering gel, the first thing that caught me was the smell. The minty scent provided a wonderful morning pick-me-up, and the fact that the product is a 'two in one' for both hair and body makes it ideal for those speedy morning showers when I’ve slept in for a bit too long. Despite being a foaming wash, the product wasn’t drying at all. A combination of amino acids and essential oils from apple, mandarin, lime and orange help to nourish hair and keep skin soft and supple, making it the perfect product to stash in the shower. I was also really impressed with the Boys Shave. Using a Far Eastern approach to shaving, essential oils soften the hair, making it easier and more comfortable to shave, and eradicating awful shaving burn. The soothing formula also includes essence of bergamot, known for its anti-acne properties, which will definitely offer me a helping hand on my bad skin days.

We all know that men are a little more relaxed in their approach to beauty regimes, but BRYT Skincare have put a little excitement back into my skincare routine. With an easy, fuss-free system, and multi-purpose products that simplify the skincare process, my skin will definitely thank me for discovering the BRYT way. Head over to the BRYT Skincare website to grab the Hair and Body Wash For Him for £13.99 here, the Foaming Cleanser For Him for £12.50 here, the Moisturiser For Him for £16.00 here, as well as the Shave for Him here for £15.00.