Butterflies in the Glasshouse


Say goodbye to grey skies and step into a world full of colour— or more than 50 species of free-flying butterflies. Spring is just around the corner, but if you’re anything like us here at The Amazing Blog, you’re always keeping an eye out for anything that makes you feel like you’re on holiday right now, preferably somewhere tropical. Butterflies in the Glasshouse is the perfect place to find refuge from the cold. They’re open from the 13th of January until the 4th of March in Wisley, so you can head on down to get an early taste of spring.


Fun fact: some butterfly species have adult lifespans that are as short as one week, while others, like the Monarch, live an average of nine months. We like this event because it is both family-friendly and educational. But, the beauty of the butterflies and cathedral-like glasshouse are sure to amaze people of all ages, while also providing the perfect photo-op. The Education Zone will turn you into a butterfly expert, as you learn about their lifecycles and even use a microscope to take a closer look at the intricate colour of their wings. Did you know that butterflies have taste receptors on their feet? Once you’ve finished admiring the real butterflies, you can pick up a delicious treat from the Taste of Wisley outlets and take a walk down to the lovely garden of butterfly sculptures.

Entry prices are £15.95 for adults and £8 for children 5-16 years, but if you buy online here you can get 10% off and you can also book a time slot to skip the queues here.