Chulo Naturals - Charcoal Spa Range

There's something a bit counter-intuitive about rubbing coal on your face, but so many brands offer activated charcoal masks that it has become the norm in the world of beauty. Used to unclog pores and clear away impurities, there's nothing better for perfecting a smooth and clarified complexion. Here at The Amazing Blog, our latest obsession has become Chulo Naturals new Charcoal Spa range, which offers a wonderful selection of skin clarifying products.

First used medicinally by the Ancient Egyptians, the antique ingredient helped to keep wounds clean. Ahead of their time in so many ways, the Egyptians had charcoal sussed for its detoxifying properties thousands of years before we thought to give it a try! Nowadays, its natural ability to draw unwanted toxins from the body make it the perfect natural ingredient to treat acne and other skin problems.

As opposed to only offering a mask, as other companies often do, Charcoal Spa have monopolised on the beautifying potential of charcoal. All 100% organic, the brand have a range of charcoal products, including the Detoxifying Salt ScrubDetoxifying Face Mask and Charcoal Soap. The Salt Scrub is perfect for exfoliating and brightening the complexion, whilst the Charcoal Soap is a wonderfully gentle cleanser, perfect for everyday use. My personal favourite is the Face Mask. Its deep cleansing properties have really helped to brighten my complexion, leaving my skin feeling super soft after use.

Want to explore the benefits of charcoal for yourself? Head to the website now to grab your own set of charcoal products for £25.00.