Festive Food for Christmas Foodies

So, December has begun which means the countdown to Christmas and the festive season has officially begun. We at The Amazing Blog know how stressful this magical month can be so have organised a special week full of exclusively festive features to help inspire you this holiday season. To kick off our celebratory week, we begin with food! Afterall no matter what you do to celebrate in December there is bound to be an abundance of food; everyone who cooks unleashes their inner Michelin star chef, and everyone who eats becomes an award-winning foodie.  Every item in this feature has been specially chosen for its diversity; they all make excellent gifts or perfect accompaniments to the big day.


Now, if you are anything like us your Christmas morning begins with a big glass of bubbly and that’s simply because Christmas is a day to drink and be merry with your loved ones. It helps ease the stress of cooking for 20 people, makes that one family less of an annoyance and fills you with the Christmas spirit – pun intended. Despite its prevalence however, the drinks we enjoy have become so ordinary, and tend only to include wine, whiskey, champagne and while these are all divine choices why not try something a little different and spice things up. With this in mind, we bring you Curio and their Cocoa Vodka. 

Curio Vodkas are made in Cornwall but were born from a love of natural flavours. This vodka is triple distilled and is gently infused with Peruvian Cocoa Nibs, which give it rich chocolate notes.  We can’t think of a better way to bring a bit of magic to the day. We particularly like the idea of a Peppermint Chocolate Martini or combining it with Cointreau, orange bitters, chocolate bitters and ice to create a delicious and warming drink – although called the Valentines Cocktail we think it works perfectly with the season. 

Add it to the table or gift it to a loved one – either way this vodka is sure to be a hit! You can purchase it here for £31.95

Connoisseurs-collection (1).jpg

For all, you foodies do we have the perfect gift from the Taste Gourmet Spice Company, and it’s their Taste Spice Connoisseur Collection. This is a remarkable collection of delicious goodies that are bound to keep your cupboards full for a long time. This collection contains a carefully selected variety of gourmet rubs, aged balsamic vinegar's and infused oils, making it a fantastic gift for the foodie in the family. Due to the size of the collection, it is divided into two individual packs, so works great as either one big present for someone or two gifts for two people. 

The first box in the collection contains six balsamic and oil combination. This includes three full bottles of their special reserve aged balsamic vinegar, and their top of the range ‘Gran Riserva’, Blackberry and Rosemary and Pomegranate and Fig oils. The second box contains 12 gourmet Paleo Rubs. As well as being the quickest way to add flavour to your food, it is also enough for more than 50 meals. The longevity of this gift makes it an excellent gift for students and will get them away from the ramen in no time. What’s more all the products in this collection are vegetarian, sugar-free, gluten and have no fillers such as flour or other nasty additives. 

If this sounds as perfect to you as it does to us then buy it here for £50.00


If you are looking for something that will delight children and adults alike, then look no further than a box of Christmas biscuits from Biscuiters. These are truly special as the icing is so detailed, and they look Hollywood perfectly – honestly, we can just picture Diane Keaton pulling these out of the oven and onto a table surrounded by an adoring family. Although the perfect Christmas is more legend than reality, having these by your side makes it seem genuinely possible. 

With carefully balanced allspice flavour these handmade treats taste as good as they look. Either whip them out to abet the little ones, and your hungrier guests or give them to someone as something special. These biscuits will most definitely give your day the wow factor. Our favourite tin can be purchased here for £32.50 but others are also available so we highly recommend having a look through all the beautiful designs.


The Festive season means delicious treats and exquisite chocolates, and we certainly won’t miss an opportunity to tuck into some delicious chocolates without feeling guilty. Our friends at Demarquette chocolates have decided to spoil us with their rich and irresistible festive chocolate collection. We tried The Reindeer Chocolate Caramel Collection, and we ADORED them.

The Reindeer Chocolate Caramel Collection contains 12 handmade chocolates wrapped with milk chocolate and filled with caramel. All chocolates are made with British sugar and Cornwall jersey herd cream. We all know that caramel and chocolate go wonderfully well together, but the brand decided to add a little twist to the traditional recipe by adding three luxurious flavours including Cranberry, Mixed Citrus and Spiced Apple. These fruity and spicy touches instantly give the chocolates a more sophisticated and festive taste.

The Cranberry chocolates are made with bits of cranberry that complement the caramel filling and make a scrumptious treat. For those of you who enjoy a little dose of zest then the Mixed Citrus is what you need, the beautiful blend of orange, mandarin and tangerine gives the chocolate a zesty and citrus taste that balances perfectly with the caramel. The Spiced Apple chocolates are created with apples and roasted cinnamon which give it a delectable spicy touch. These delicious chocolates are a true explosion of flavours and will give you the ultimate chocolate experience. You can purchase The Reindeer Chocolate Caramel Collection here for £21.75.  

All of these are good to give as gifts or perhaps to keep for yourself, after all we think you deserve it!