Christmas Special: Great Grooming Gifts for Him

Here at The Amazing Blog we’re big believers in taking care of yourself, from daily routine essentials like cleansing to the finishing touches like the aftershave you choose. So it was almost mandatory for us to do a Christmas grooming gift guide to ensure you knew what presents to purchase to make sure your friends and family look preened to perfection this festive season. Keep watching this space for our beauty for her Christmas special too.

Firstly for the man with a beard- Fit For Vikings have you covered with their great gift boxes, these can be personalised by choosing which of the four products you want to include. The box we received is actually named after the highest peak in Iceland; Hvannadalshnjúkur and though maybe not the catchiest name for us brits, the contents inside are as high quality as the name suggests. The beard oil, moustache wax and beard balm all have the same delicious sweet scent which comes from the Sweet Orange and Lemongrass within the formula. The handy beard balm and moustache wax tins are a good size and the droplet tip for the beard oil makes for easy application. These beard care kits come in 9 different scents to choose from and we received a sample of the beard oil of each. The variety of scents are great; mainly based around woody, natural smells but with hints of recognisable influences from liquorice to lemon, so we’re sure there’s a perfect one for your receiver.

You can purchase these here for £40.41

Our next gift is the great all-rounder, for men who want simple but effective skincare products; Skinauthority has the answer. Their Signature Clean Skin Care box offers four products which every man needs in his grooming routine; Daily wash, Shave serum, Hydrating Sunscreen and Reviving eye brightener. The gel formula of the daily wash works to remove dirt and oil from the skin to leave soft, smooth skin. Only a thin layer of the Anti-aging shave serum is needed for a close shave, this formula is good for sensitive skin as it doesn’t irritate skin, but leaves is moisturised. The hydrating sunscreen can be used liberally all over the body and is a strong SPF30 to protect skin from any burns and the eye cream can be used daily to erase crows feet whilst reducing puffiness. The bottle designs reflect Skin authority's philosophy of simple but effective, with simple monochrome packaging. 

This little high-performance collection is £ 114.50 here.

For a natural skincare brand we have Nuxe Paris. This brand focuses on harnessing power from trees and uses plant-derived bases for its products. The collection we received included their Shower gel, Shaving Gel, After shave balm and the luxury product Anti-aging Fluid. The range is for all skin types including sensitive skin and all of the products have a very subtle woody scent. The shaving gel is dense and creamy to improve the precision of the shaving, the multi-purpose after shave balm should be used directly after shaving to increase the softness of the skin. The shower gel creates a lather and is great for use on the face, body and hair. Lastly, the Nuxellence cream boosts the energy in the skin and when used daily can make the skin appear more youthful and firmer. The brown bottle packaging looks modern and are simple to use.

You can find the Luxury Collection Gift set here for £ 20.


This year Ted Baker have released Ted’s essentials, a 4 piece box of their most classic fragrances. The mix of M, Skinwear, XO and X2O makes an exceptional present. We love how varied the smells are and in classic Ted Baker style the packaging is sleek and simple, the 4 bottles are held in a black box embossed with copper letters. The fragrances are cased in matt black bottles with copper lids and the small size mean they are ideal for travelling or on-the-go men. The top notes of all the scents are different, with M having a woody base, Skinwear is a fresh aromatic scent, XO is fresh, green and woody and X2O is spicy and intense.

These elegant miniatures are available here for £ 22.