Clarena - Pumpkin Cream

Although we know hot summer days are few and far between in the Capital, we at The Amazing Blog know how important it is to keep our skin's hydration levels topped up during the warmer seasons. Unfortunately, we also know all too well how uncomfortable it can be to wear those heavy, clogging moisturisers in balmy weather. Luckily, we've found the perfect balance in Clarena’s Pumpkin Cream.

Although pumpkin is something that we associate more readily with Autumn months, Pumpkin Pulp Extract is packed with enriching vitamins and minerals such as E, C and β-carotene, ideal for nourishing your skin all year round. We found the light, fresh formula perfect for summer moisture, as it absorbs almost immediately, and helps to maintain a proper level of skin hydration. The lotion gives all the benefits of a rich, thick facial moisturiser, without clogging up our pores. We’re excited to finally find a cream that gives the best of both worlds.  Its lightweight formula is perfect for oily skin, keeping it balanced, fresh and moisturised. An added bonus: it smells wonderful too.

Clarena shows that pumpkins aren't just for Halloween after all - avoid any scary skin issues this summer with this fabulous cream. Buy it here for £14.50.