Cleansing Balm - Love Grove Essentials

It's always exciting at The Amazing Blog to receive products from brands that had previously been unknown to us. So we are delighted to share with you today Love Grove Essentials. We are so glad to have been introduced to them as they have a brilliant range of natural and handmade skincare, all of which are designed to support you through the various stages of life. There's something for everyone with Love Grove Essentials as all of the products are made from wholesome ingredients that let your natural radiance shine through.

We were lucky enough to try Love Grove Essential's excellent Cleansing Balm. Ideal for all skin types, the balm is full of natural ingredients such as apricot oil and shea butter which helps to cleanse and boost natural radiance. The formula has been created to completely remove and dissolve make-up and grime leaving your skin looking and feeling cleaner, softer, and more refreshed. The lemon and geranium essential oils in the balm deeply cleanse and help to balance your complexion.

The balancing nature of the Cleansing Balm means that it's excellent at hydrating drier skins whilst also helping to even out combination to oilier skin types. To use the cleansing balm take an amount, about the same size as a 5-pence coin, and massage onto a dry face until liquid. Remove the cleanser with a warm damp cloth. An alternative suggestion would be to leave the balm on the face for 5 minutes after massaging it in, so that it acts as a hydrating and cleansing mask, before removing with a damp cloth.

Love Grove Essentials are committed to managing their business responsibly, and they are clear about their natural ingredients and the sustainability of their process. Since the products are all handmade, they are ultra-potent with fresh ingredients that benefit the skin. We love that this brand uses such high-quality ingredients and that their products promote skin health, well-being, as well as help protect the future of our planet.


Embrace handmade natural skincare with Love Grove Essential's Cleansing Balm here for £37.