Couleur Caramel - Lipstick and Free Powder


Looking for a statement lipstick that won’t dry out your lips while adding bold colour and unbelievable shine? How about a loose powder that can blur imperfections and set your foundation to give your complexion a smooth finish? Here at The Amazing Blog we understand just how essential these products are, and Couleur Caramel cosmetics have got us covered.

The professional, natural and high-quality products made by Couleur Caramel satisfy all of our beauty needs. Their line is certified organic and is 100% natural, which means they’re good for the planet and for our beauty routine.

The lipsticks apply smoothly and evenly, plus they have buildable coverage so you can make sure the shade is as subtle or intense as you desire. With so many different colours in the line, there’s a shade for every skin tone and occasion.

No need to worry about your hair getting caught in your lip product ever again; the lipsticks are non-sticky and long-lasting, so say goodbye to makeup mishaps.

Just like the lipsticks, the loose powder from Couleur Caramel lasts all day and makes sure you look flawless and fabulous, when used on its own or after applying foundation. The lightweight feel and unbelievably smooth texture blends effortlessly into skin, absorbing excess oil and nixing any unwanted shine.

Do your vanity a favor and pick up these amazing products here as soon as possible. The lipsticks  are £15 each and the free powder  is £20.