Crystal Clear Sculpting Wax - Kitoko Arte

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UK is known for its uncontrollable weather, you never know what the weather is going to be and it can change within minutes. Here at The Amazing Blog understand the struggle it can be to keep a decent hairstyle in position all day without your hair looking like it has been through a jungle and it is definitely hard to maintain shorter hairstylesall day.

The brand Kitoko arte launched the Crystal Clear Sculpting Wax; which is a chemical free wax from the styling range: the perfect wax to control and eliminates frizzy hair. This wax is the secret for short or choppy haircuts to keep your hairstyle lasting throughout the day. If you want to give your hair a nice texture and definition with a natural gloss finish, we highly recommend to try this product for an amazing control. It reminds us of a gel form and has a fresh fragrance that will keep your hair smelling healthy. The bonus of this Wax is the blend of Fire Tulip, Karite, Green Tea and Vitamins A & E, all good for you hair.

We recommend using this wax for short length hair or if you want to shape your hair into a particular hairstyle and need to keep hair in a hold position.

The Crystal Clear Sculpting Wax from Kitoko Arte is available to purchase here for £9.95.