Daily Moisturiser, Defining Oil and Vibrancy Serum by Electric Ink

Tattoos are a beautiful and unique form of self-expression, one that has been around for thousands of years and is continuing to grow in popularity. Despite all this and the growing acceptance of tattoos in society, there is still a stigma that surrounds them. One of the most common ‘questions’ – although it’s more of an exclamation – is, “but aren’t you scared it’ll look bad when you’re old, and it’s faded?” Well, if you get asked this a lot and maybe it is a fear of yours, The Amazing Blog has the solution. The brand is called Electric Ink, and they specialise in Tattoo preservation products, which are also vegan approved. We can't think of a better time than now as the sun is out and so is our bare skin and ink. 

Electric Ink has three fabulous aftercare products that are packed with active ingredients to keep your tattoos looking fresh and vibrant, as well as keeping your skin nourished. The first product is their Daily Moisturiser. The moisturiser contains Liftonin-Xpert which helps to reduce signs of redness and inflammation and supports the intensity of the tattoo ink helping it to remain more defined for longer. The Inca Inchi Oil and Coconut Oil in the cream help to maintain skin's hydration and improve skin's elasticity to help prevent tattoos from sagging. The second product is the Vibrancy Serum which also has Liftonin-Xpert and Inca Inchi Oil, as well as Vitamin C. The latter helps to protect skin from sun damage and reduces signs of redness and inflammation. The serum also contains Amino Acids which act as a skin conditioner, regulating the pH-balance to improve the clarity of the skin. The final product is the Defining Body Oil, which moisturises while delivering gloss and clarity for a fresh ink look. The oil shares similar ingredients to the other products but crucially contains White Lupin Seed Extract which is rich in Lupeol, helping to keep skin firm. 

If you want to protect the vibrancy and vivacity of your tattoos then you can get the Daily Moisturiser here for £10.95, the Serum here for £12.95 and the Body Oil here for £10.95.