Balance Active Formula - Dragons Blood Collection

Here at The Amazing Blog, we have tried every product under the sun to shield our ever ageing skin. However, when we came across Balance Active Formula The Dragons Blood Collection, so we were interested to see how it performed. 

There are three different skin products within the collection starting with the Eye Lift Balm, Face Lifting Cream and Serum. We found that whilst using the Eye Lift Balm, The cooling formula instantly felt tighter around the eyes, uplifting your eye area as well as smoothing out the fine lines. When trying the Lifting Serum we were pleasantly surprised of the texture on the skin. Quick to dry and non-greasy, you could definitely feel the change after applying. Last but not least, Dragon’s Blood Lifting Cream helps smooth the skin feeling moisturised and refreshed. The cream instantly absorbed, leaving it feeling completely hydrated.

You may first be a bit baffled by ‘Dragons Blood’ as an ingredient otherwise known as Croton Lechleri. But rest assured it is actually a flowering plant traditionally used as medicine in South America. The ingredients are also combined with Liftonin -Xpress an element which helps prolong and protect the tightening and lifting of the skin.

To take your next step forward to a better hydrating skin complexion, get the entire collection here at Beauty and The Bunch or alternatively in TK maxx stores separately; Eye Balm £10.99 Face Cream £10.99 and Serum £11.99.