Event - Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" 2015

London Fashion Week 2015 was a smash hit, and it got us super excited for all of the latest fashion creations we’ll get to enjoy this year. Recently at The Amazing Blog, we came across a must-see event that will keep your passion for fashion alive. The Savage Beauty by Alexander McQueen exhibit is officially coming to London after its successful run at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Savage Beauty is the first retrospective work of the late Alexander McQueen to be presented in Europe. Known for his dramatic, dark and boundary-pushing catwalk collections, the designs will be presented with the same cutting-edge staging as his runway shows.

In New York, Savage Beauty became one of the top 10 most visited exhibitions, appealing viewers beyond the normal fashion demographic. If fashion isn’t exactly your cup of tea, it’s still a worthy exhibit to check out. The New Yorker wrote, "Even if you never bother with fashion shows, go to this one." 

The exhibition is currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum and will run until 2nd August 2015. You can view ticket details and information here.