Eye Shadow - Rouge Bunny Rouge

As May creeps by and Summer draws ever near, it’s time to begin thinking about switching makeup palettes from warmer Winter and Spring hues to brighter Summer tones. With this in mind we are turning our attention to Rouge Bunny Rouge, a brand that The Amazing Blog has always loved and have in fact previously reviewed! They very kindly sent over some inspired beauty products, such as their Surprise Eye Shadow PaletteLong-Lasting Duo Cream Eye ShadowLong-Lasting Eye Shadow Refill, and their Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette “Caliche.”

We loved all of the products, and it’s hard to pick a favourite, but perhaps the most exciting was their Surprise Eye Shadow Palette. This palette comes with five surprise colours. All you know is that you will recieve one highlighter, one shimmer shade, and three neutral tones. The seemingly endless combinations of a stunning collection, make the anticipation of receiving the product part of the fun and made the shopping experience feel more like we were purchasing ourselves a gift rather than shopping. If you like the colours you receive then you will be pleased to know that the palette is refillable; great news if, like us, your favourite base tone runs out faster than the rest. The case is magnetic so holds the shades firmly in place, but allows you to top up when needed. So when the product inevitably runs low you can order one of their Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Refills, available in six colours which last for 8 hours, to replace what you've used.

To achieve a lasting and perfectly smooth eye shadow application, the Long-Lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow will become a staple of your makeup in no time at all. Available in two forms: Gossamer Wings and Birdwing Beauteous, you can achieve two different and desired effects. The Gossamer Wings tube, which has a creamy shade on either end, is infused with Para Cress Flower Extract as well as Coffee Extract, to stimulate natural skin lifting, increase collagen production and up the skin’s defences. All of which will give you more youthful, less tired and brighter eyes. The Birdwing Beauteous formula contains a high amount of water which helps to nourish the delicate eyelid skin. The fact that both are free from oil, parabens, alcohol and silicone oil is an added and important plus.

If the surprise palette isn't for you and, you want to know what you're getting, then the Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette “Caliche” brings together four of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s most stunning shades. Not only will your eyes look incredible, but this eye shadow is blended with natural Argan Oil and Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid which leaves the shadow feeling silky and lightweight rather than powdery and patchy.

Unfortunately all of Rouge Bunny Rouge's prices are in Euro's, but don't worry, you can still purchase them if you live in the UK. You can purchase the Surprise Eye Shadow Palette here for around £50.00, the Long-Lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow here for around £42.00, the Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Refill here for around £17.00 and the Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette “Caliche” here for £59.00 or there abouts.