The R.A.P (Rhythm and Poetry) Party hosted at Farmopolis


 Here at The Amazing Blog we love to discover what London has to offer and we are always looking out for creative and unique places to go and explore; Farmopolis definitely caught our eye since we knew about it.  Farmopolis is an urban farming destination in the city, an innovative floating garden that brings together farming, food, arts and culture.


Opened to the public in July, Farmopolis' future vision was to take this project further on a larger scale, throughout the entire year and across the different seasons and offering a full programme that could involve the community with a variety of events that would be opened to the public in order to explore the green spaces and orchards. The "Great Plan Rescue" was the kick off for this micro-city: reusing thousands of plants from the RHS Chelsea flower show they created a unique oasis in the city surrounded by the Thames. Now they are working to create farm-to-table restaurants, festival spaces, a hydroponic farm and a food incubator. 


Farmopolis' wish to gather everyone as a community goes through a great programme of events that you can check at their website. At the moment they are offering a full September and October schedule with a variety of events that go from yoga, storytelling or decoupage techniques to wine-tasting and DJ sessions

One of the events taking place next week at Farmopolis in North Greenwich is the Innua Ellam's The R.A.P (Rythem and Poetry) Party. On the 23rd of September a variety of contemporary voices will be discussing hip-hop's history through hip-hop inspired poems and songs. If you have always liked the the Hip-Hop culture this would be a perfect night out plan for you. There will be other writers, poets and performers to socialise and exchange visions with. 

If you would like to attend you can purchase an ticket online here for £7.50 or you can check the whole series of events schedule here.