Friday Favourites - Halloween Events

Halloween is finally here! And for those who love to celebrate, Halloween conveniently fell on a Friday this year, leaving you an entire three days to boogie down. Here at The Amazing Blog we cannot get enough of Halloween. Who doesn’t love an entire day devoted to candy, ghosts and costumes? We did some research and put together a list of Halloween events taking place in London throughout the weekend that we thought our lovely readers would enjoy.

Secretsundaze Dead Famous Halloween Party

Nov 1. Beginning at 22:00

Are you expecting your Halloween weekend to include more boos than KitKats? Well then Secretsundaze’s Dead Famous Halloween Party is perfect for you. As suggested by the title, you’re supposed to dress as a dead celebrity, so it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. But make sure your costume is still comfortable because you will be dancing the night away with DJs Ronaldo, Funkineven, Romare and Giles and James.

Tickets are £19.50 and the party takes place at the Oval Space.

High Fashion Halloween Party

Oct. 31st beginning at 21:00 9-2 Broadway House, Fulham

In our opinion, Halloween is just another excuse to show-off your ability to put a chic yet costume together. High Fashion Halloween Party expects their guests to be dressed as high fashion ghouls, sexy beasts, etc. The event takes place in one of London’s most exclusive private members clubs at the Chelsea House. If you’ve shown up with a costume and you’re ready to work it, there will be a catwalk for the best-dressed guests and a grand prize for the winner. Even designers are encouraged to produce a crazy Halloween outfit for the night. Did you show up alone? Don’t worry! From 22:00-23:00 Catch Me Cupid has organised a fun speed-dating event in one part of the venue. You may have come in alone, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave alone!

Tickets are £24.00 and the event takes place at the Broadway House in Fulham.

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

Oct 24. – Nov. 2 beginning at 15:00

If you would prefer not to be in the city and want to enjoy a night of adventure, head on over to Thorpe Park Movie Studios. You get the chance to experience the rides after dark and get trapped in terrifying mazes based on iconic horror films, such as The Blair Witch Project, My Bloody Valentine, The Cabin in the Wood and Saw.

For those of you who want to test your limits, you can check in at the Thorpe Shark Hotel for the Fright Nights Challenge. Once the park closes at 22:00, the gates will shut and the guests of the hotel will be locked in an abandoned theme park until 2:00. You will be dragged from your rooms and forced to look for a photograph of yourself in order to ‘stay alive.’ In the meantime, you might be kidnapped, blindfolded, or even chased by a cult. The Extra Cut overnight experience will not let you enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. Even when you return back to your room, there might be unwelcome creatures lurking around once the lights are off.

Tickets to enjoy an evening at the park are £25.99. Prices, based on four people sharing a room, are from £125.00 each, which includes an overnight stay, two-day park tickets, breakfast, complimentary parking and exclusive First to Ride time.

Whether you stay at home binging on candy and horror films or decide to attend one of the events listed above, The Amazing Blog hopes you have a very Happy Halloween!