Frederique's Christmas Wish List

I’m the type of girl who loves to experiment with different kinds products and gadgets and companies. This is why I find working with the girls at The Amazing Blog so fun… who doesn’t love trying something new? My Christmas wish list consists of a unique bundle of a different kinds of products, ranging from as far as chargers to liquor. So without further ado, let the shopping begin!

The first thing on my Christmas list is The Kissable Charger. Nowadays, hardly anybody is able to live without their phone, myself included. I always thought to myself, why can't I have cute charger that is a little girly or that will add some sparkle? Then I came across FBG: an innovative technology company with the newest chargers, including my new love; The Kissable Charger. This charger is both cute and creative for it looks like a real Coco Chanel Lipstick. Both chic and functional, the charger is able to charge your phone for 2 to 3 hours. Buy your charger here for only £29.99, and be charged all day long.

As I’ve said before, I’m definitely a girly girl. In order to make my girly look complete, I love to wear some cute bracelets along with a watch. So you can guess how excited I was when I came across these Birambi bracelets made by two enthusiastic Dutch Girls. Being from Holland, I obviously have a soft spot for this company. Not only are they Dutch, but they’ve made a great ‘Make-your-own-bracelet’ concept that is fit for any girl like me who loves to accessorise on a regular basis. Here’s how it works: You choose a card. You select a bracelet, colour and write a personal message. And that's it. That's really all there is to it. What better gift is there than one that is personally made from the heart? Starting at €4 they are affordable as well. Visit the website to take these bracelets for a spin! 

Besides my hand jewellery, I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle to my eyebrows. So I came across the Bling Brow Kit created by Benefit Cosmetics. With the Bling Brow Kit, you can decorate your brows and light up the room with a sparkling set of Swarovski crystals. Each set comes with 52 crystals and a pair of mini tweezers. They also come in different colours including my favourites, Rose Gold and Greige. Just pull the black backing sheet off and pick up the crystals with tweezers to place them either on the skin near the brow or directly on the brow. Although I’m not one to decorate my body with jewellery, the brow crystals really enhance the appearance of your eyebrows and show off your edgy side.

You can purchase the artsy Bling Brow Kit for £19.50 at selected Benefit Brow Bars and wear them on a fun night out with the girls. All eyes will definitely be on yours. 

Not only do I love to dress up, but I also enjoy going out and grabbing a drink with my girlfriends. Recently I came across Snow Leopard Vodka, which I’ve slowly but surely fallen in love with. For starters, the bottle looks absolutely great. Additionally, 15% of the profits made go to the ‘save the leopard' charity. When I saw this stunning looking bottle of vodka, I could not resist putting it on my Christmas wish list. Cheers, take a shot and donate to a cause! You can by purchase a 70cl bottle of vodka for £36.00 RRP  at Waitrose, Harvey Nichols and, as well as all good independent drinks retailers OR on their website.

Choc Nibbles Christmas - original.jpg

I've also discovered a delicious selection of chocolates from Sweet Dreams Ltd. called Choc NibblesWe received two different flavours: Original Choc Nibbles and Toffee Crumble. The one I really loved was the Original Choc Nibbles. The taste of these tiny chocolates was just divine, and you could taste that they were made with quality chocolate. It's almost like eating real chocolate milk! Purchase chocolate at your local confectionery, convenience or discount stores, and share these delicious chocolates as a treat after your Christmas Dinner