‘Gameface’ Moisturiser by Triumph and Disaster

gameface photoshop blog.jpg

Who likes dry skin? Not us! We boys here at The Amazing Blog understand the importance of keeping skin moisturised at all times.  Thanks to our friends at Triumph & Disaster we have found this a real 'game changer' in the moisturiser world. There is a great story behind this brand with its sporting roots. Triumph & Disaster was founded in 2011 by Dion Nash, a former New Zealand international cricketer, who realised the toll sun, wind and sweat were having on his skin. This inspired Dion to create a naturally based skincare brand specifically for us boys, which not only protects our complexions from the environment but also utilises the latest technologies in green science. Previously we tried out Triumph & Disaster’s No Dice Sunscreen, and this product set the bar high for the rest of their products.

We are happy to report that Triumph & Disaster has done it again, and lived up to our expectations. We requested their latest Beauty Shortlist 2018 award-winning Gameface’  Moisturiser to try. Three of the star ingredients in this moisturiser are ponga fern, horopito oil and jojoba extract. Ponga is fern found in New Zealand, it works to tighten skin making us look younger upon application to the face. Horopito is an antioxidant-rich plant that is also from New Zealand which conditions skin and leaves it with a healthy-looking appearance. Jojoba is a botanical extract that comes from the seed of the jojoba tree which is very similar to the oil that our skin naturally produces. This helps to balance your skin's oil production creating a more balanced skin.

When applied this moisturiser has the subtlest of woody fragrance undertones that are almost undetectable. What we love about this product is that it effortlessly melts into the skin absolutely leaving no residue and yet leaves the skin feeling soft and nurtured. Triumph & Disaster is known for combining science and nature to create the most effective products on the market and we were certainly 'bowled over' with this little gem. You can purchase the ‘Gameface’ Moisturiser by Triumph & Disaster here for £36.