Green People - Enrich & Enchance Lip Primer and Illuminating Eye Duo

Women are told constantly to respect their bodies not just in the way they perceive them, but also in the way they treat them. By using organic products, you protecting, nourish and respect your body.

We here at The Amazing Blog believe that organic products are the way to go, which is why we suggest that you try Green People’s new Enrich & Enhance Lip Primer and Illuminating Eye Duo. 

With the Enrich & Enhance Lip Primer, you can quickly and easily perfect your pout. Blended with Candelilla, Carnauba and Bees wax, this beauty must-have anchors and enhances your favourite lip shade while locking in hydration.

The Illuminating Eye Duo highlights and contours the eyes for natural radiance. It’s an eye shadow, highlighter and skin illuminator all in one. These organic eye shadows are richly pigmented and add a hint of shimmer to your eyes for a natural glow. Plus, you can use them to help give a beautiful blended colour.

As someone who regularly wears lipsticks and lip glosses, I really enjoyed wearing this primer. My lips felt smooth all day long and my lipstick faded less. I was surprised at the feel of the eye shadows as well - it’s almost like a matte material. The shades are a little too light to be used on their own for my liking, but I use them to even out the darker shades I put on my eyes by blending the colours to make a more natural look.

You can purchase the Enrich & Enhance Lip Primer here for £12.95 and the Illuminating Eye Duo here for £10.00