Hand and Foot Care by All That Jazz

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During the long winter season, our hands and feet are highly prone to chapping and dryness when we have to go back and forth between the cold winds outside and the dry heaters indoors, often leaving our skin worse for wear. We neglect these parts of the body and forget to give them the care and hydration that they deserve. At The Amazing Blog, we believe that taking care of our hands and feet should be an essential step in every good pampering routine. So, when we received All That Jazz Hand and Foot Scrub, Effervescent Soak and Hand and Foot Cream it piqued our interest.

First, we tried the Chocolate and Orange Effervescent soak, and we absolutely loved it. The soak is formulated with sodium, citric acid and cacao seed butter giving it that delicious scent that is so moreish that it reminds us a little of Jaffa cakes. Not only will it leave an incredible aroma, but when added to hot water this treatment leaves palms and soles softer and smoother than ever before.

To complement the Effervescent Soak, the brand also created a Hand and Foot Scrub; we used the Apple and Cucumber Hand and Foot Scrub where you can really smell the freshness of these appetising aromas. This scrub is enriched with the most natural and nourishing ingredients including sweet almond oil, camellia oil, rosehip oil and cocoa seed butter. Whilst removing all dead skin and impurities, this scrub also leaves skin intensely hydrated and smooth. 

What would a body care routine be without real hydration? A fraud that’s what we say. Our friends at All That Jazz must have thought the same when they created their hydrating Hand and Foot Cream, which penetrates and moisturises the skin creating a hydrating and anti-aging barrier. Infused with shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil, this Maple Spice scented lotion has everything you need to have hands and feet softer than a baby's skinCoconut oil and shea butter, renowned for their deeply nourishing properties, work together to promote healthy and soft skin. We're not only hooked on the performance of these products, but also on their delicious fragrances. You can purchase the soak here for £9.99, buy the scrub here for £14.99, the hand and foot cream is available here for £5.99.