INA Crystals

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Here at The Amazing Blog we just love products that make us feel fresh and free from toxins. When we received a few products from INA Crystals to try, we were ecstatic to cleanse ourselves and truly give our skin a fresh start.

INA Crystals ever so kindly sent us White Gold Restoring Night Serum, White Gold Day Moisture Cream, and White Gold Radiant Skin Tonic. Each product could be used simply as a standalone, but collectively, the combination creates the immediate luxury of toned, refreshed, and rejuvenated skin.

All of the products from INA Crystals are free from parabens, synthetic solvents, and petro-chemicals, meaning we can slather them on to our heart’s content. The Radiant Skin Tonic contains White Gold Crystal Salt, and Allantoin, which improve the tone and texture of your skin. It can be used several ways, whether it is applied over makeup or stored in the fridge as a cooling agent. The Day Moisture Cream protects against photo-inflammation, DNA damage from UV rays, environmental oxidation and pollution. The Day Cream has a very light scent, avoiding distraction from the nose from any other scents you may have in your daily beauty routine. Finally, the Restoring Night Serum, also known as the “Caviar of Night Creams,” is filled with seaweed bio-peptides and Lola Implexa for maximum plumping of the skin and the removal of fine lines.

 Overall, INA Crystals’ products will tackle all of your pesty skin problems. If you want to try any of them out, they are available for purchase here with prices ranging from £26-£33.