Janssen Cosmetics - Dry Skin Range

When we received Janssen Cosmetics here at The Amazing Blog, I was over the moon because the products were designed towards the dry skin I unfortunately am blessed with.  

We were lucky to receive a cleanser, a firming tonic and a day vitalizer. First off, I tried the Mild Creamy Cleanser. This cleansing lotion leaves skin feeling clear and protected both during and after cleansing. It is rich in natural fatty acids and also vitamins A, E and D. Use this product daily to gain the full benefits of the cleanser. The creamy consistency is particularly easy to apply and wash off.

I also tried the Radiant Firming Tonic which I thought was brilliant as my pores were visibly finer and my face felt refreshed. The tonic contains active ingredients which include soluble collagen which is profoundly moisturising and firming to skin. It is important to find a toner that does not dry out your skin, and this toner is super moisturising and left my skin looking radiant.

Lastly I tried the Day Vitalizer, which is a moisturising day cream. Once again the product's light consistency was easy to spread on my face and was rapidly absorbed. This moisturiser contain four active ingredients including Hyaluronic acid, Codium Tomentosum, Imperta Cylindrical and Macadamia Oil, each with their own incredible benefits to your skin.

Janssen Cosmetics have a massive range of products which we would recommend browsing here. Prices for products in the Dry Skin range start at only £20.00. I am really in love with this product range and will definitely be adding them to my beauty skincare regime.